Your Simple Guide to Lash Extensions – Mink Vs. Silk Vs. Synthetic

It is not surprising that eyelash extensions are the biggest trend in the beauty industry today and with a good reason. They add volume to your natural eyelashes, enhance your eyes and look, lift your lashes, add length and draw people’s attention into your eyes. Also, having them will save some of your makeup time as they don’t require for mascara. They will add beauty without damaging your natural lashes. They are lightweight, look natural and water resist which means you can enjoy wearing them on a beach or pool.

False eyelash extensions are available in three main types: silk, mink and synthetic. All of these materials have their pros and cons what makes one type more suitable for you than others.


Silk eyelash extensions – These extensions are a mid-weight type, they are finer and more flexible compared to the synthetic type. Because they are more porous and softer, they also tend to hold on longer compared to synthetic ones. Depending on the manufacturer, silk eyelash extensions can look very glamourous and natural but ones with poor quality can look quite dense and thick as the synthetic lashes. Generally, silk lashes are lightweight what makes them a perfect choice for girls with fine or weak natural lashes. Just like other types of lashes, silk ones also come in different lengths and curls. Glamour, high-quality silk lashes are the most popular options for brides who are looking for a full, long and natural-looking.

Synthetic eyelash-extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions – This type of extensions are made from acrylic, polished material and are sturdiest and firmest of all. They look little glossier and shinier than silk or mink, but they look very dramatic. You can also find them in a variety of curls and thicknesses and once applied they offer very dramatic makeup look. They hold their curl perfectly well due to their firmness. Many girls don’t find them as natural or as soft as silk or mink eyelashes extensions. Even they can last a quite long, they still don’t have quite as good staying power as silk and definitely not the mink eyelashes. Synthetic extensions are most suitable for girls with dense, healthy natural lashes and are usually used by younger girls. Because they are a bit heavier compared to mink and sink, many people avoid them.


Mink eyelash extensions – Although they are known as mink eyelashes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are made from real mink fur. There are many cruelty-free and vegan companies that don’t want to harm the animals for their profit. Usually, these companies use faux-mink which a man-made fibre designed to mimic real mink fur. Generally, faux-mink lashes are soft, fine and silky just like the real fur. Today, they are more improved than ever so even if you are going to wet your mink eyelash extensions they will not lose their curl. On the other hand, when wet, real mink lashes become wispy and straight which means you will need to use a curler to curl them back.

Faux-mink lashes are becoming very popular these days because they are fine and light, giving you the feeling like they are your own natural lashes. They are a bit shinier than silk lashes providing a more glossy look. Giving them proper care, they can last quite long and are a great choice for girls with weak and fine own lashes. Because they are so light, they don’t tend to twist o drop, even after many weeks of wear.

However, choosing the right eyelashes is not just a matter of which one you like the most. There are still some things you need to consider before making your final choice. For example, you need to consider your eyes shape, whether they are upturned, almond, round downturned or protruding. Their size also matters. Do you have small, large eyes or ones in-between? Take a look at your eyelids. Hooded and monolids have different considerations than other lid types. The length, colour, cur and volume are other important factors that play an important role in the choice of perfect eyelashes

Also, think about what is the result you want to achieve. Do you want a more dramatic look, something glamorous or you are more into a natural look? Don’t forget the fact if you have any type of sensitiveness or allergies and your tolerance for upkeep.

Apart from choosing the right type, choosing the right curl type and length is also important. Lash extensions come in different lengths but most common are 9mm and 15m. The most suitable length for you will depend on the fineness or thickness of your own lashes. For example, if you have naturally thick, long lashes you can wear longer extensions. On the other hand, girls with shorter or sparse lashes may of for the shorter end of the spectrum. When it comes to curling type there are two of them: “J” curl and “C” curl. The “J” curl is the most naturalistic style while the “C” type is a good choice for girls who want dama in their look.

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