Womens Handbags: Care Tips & Advice

Are you looking for a stylish and durable handbag? If so, look no further than leather handbag. Regardless of the type, a genuine leather handbag is always a better choice. And yes, it is true that they are more costly, but quality leather womens handbags can keep their shape for years if you maintain them properly.

Proper care of your handbags, prevents the leather from drying out and cracking. This guide will help you and show you some tips in order to ensure your leather womens handbags to last longer.

handbags tips and advices

Maintenance Of Womens Handbags

  • Touch Leather Handbags Only With Clean Hands – Leather bags are sensitive and a strong absorbent of grease and oils. Wipe the surface of the leather bag with a damp cotton cloth, just be careful not to use too much water.

  • Apply A Specially Made Cleaner For Leather – Apply this solution by using a circular movements and wipe off with a damp clot. Apply this solution at least one or two times per year in order to keep your leather womens handbags clean.

  • Moisturize Your Bag With A Leather Conditioner To Keep It Flexible – Use this conditioner only on leather surfaces. Do not use it on patent leather bags.

  • When You Notice Stain Remove It Immediately – Stains from food or blood can be easily removed with chalk powder. Put it on the stain, let it sit on the stain 24 hours and wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth.

  • Put Bubble Wrap Inside Your Unused Handbag In Order To Hold Its Shape – Store your womens leather handbag in a pillowcase. In order to avoid scratches, you can wrap the chrome or metallic parts in a clean tissue paper.

  • Clean Suede Handbags With A Special Suede Brush – Before cleaning your genuine leather handbag, always check the manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions.

Extra Tips

  • If you use your handbag on a regular basis, consider using a special leather protective spray. Test the spray first in an unnoticeable area to see the result.

  • Keep all cosmetics inside a pocket. Keep all pens, small items and anything that leaks in a special pencil case to protect the leather.

  • Keep in mind that white bags will naturally darken with age.

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