Why Are Micro Scooters Must-Haves For Middle-Class Children

No matter how much we don’t want to admit, our kids are growing up in front of the TV and the computer. Playing video games and watching TV for hours and hours every day seems to become a normal thing. No, it is far for normal for young kids to spend their time seating and eating junk food while staring in a screen presenting them a virtual reality. What’s the result of this modern lifestyle? Lazy and overweight kids who know nothing about the joy of playing outdoors and spending the time running from one side of the neighborhood to the other.


Many times I’ve caught myself thinking about that when did things go wrong. What our parents did differently than we do now. You might say, we are living in different times. Yes, it is true that today’s circumstances are much different than when we were kids. But, that doesn’t mean that we should reconcile with the fact that the outdoor play is not in vogue anymore. Since it’s a matter of our children’s health. And for that reason, we must do something to bring children’s play where it really belongs – to the street!

What I did to take my four and six old boys out and separating them from the TV and computer was buying them micro scooters. And guess what, I have no minimum regrets for doing it so. More than that, I advise you to do the same. Micro scooters Australia retailers provide a whole lot of micro scooters in a variety of types, models, sizes and colors so that you will certainly be able to buy micro scooters that will lure you loved ones to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, the sun and fresh air.

Apart from great fun and enjoyable play, children scooters are proven to be very beneficial for children’s health, and social and emotional development. More specifically, scooting activities are a form of play that promotes a lot of social interaction. As children play with their mates, they learn to communicate, share and respect the personality, opinion and needs of the others. Also, in this way they “wake” their competitive spirit and discover their talent.

When it comes to using micro scooters Australia teachers and psychologists point that aside from developing the motor skills, rowing activities are important for children’s cognitive development. In fact, scooter plays enable children to take important physical and cognitive challenges and in this way to explore their capabilities and limits.

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