When It’s Time to Replace the E Cigarette Atomizer?

Despite its harmfulness, lot of people are still smoking. Thanks to the technology improvements today, there is healthier version of cigarettes for those who can’t stop with this habit. If the E cigarette is now your best companion, you are probably aware that the atomizers are the most important part of the e-smoking experience. Without atomizer, your cigarette produces no vapor at all. The life span of the atomizers is usually a month, after which you need to replace the old one with new. Because atomizers can be a bit costly, in this guide, we will help you to figure out when it’s the right time to buy E cig atomizer and replace the old one.

In most cases, an E cig atomizer fails slowly before it needs to be replaced. Because of this you may not notice that your E cigarette has a problem. If your e-smoking experience starts to become less enjoyable than before, maybe it’s time to replace the atomizer of your E cigarette. In addition, here are few of the most common signs of E cig atomizer failure.

E Cig Girl

Symphony of Gurgling Noises

The symphony of gurgling noises is a sing of atomizer failure that can not be mistaken. This happens because the atomizer is not heating up fast enough the e-liquid to produce vapor. Because of this, your atomizer becomes unable to keep up with your requirements, which means it’s the right time to buy E cig atomizer and replace the old one, so you can have more enjoyable e-smoking experience.

Atomizers Start Leaking Juice

Feeling the taste of the e-liquid on your tongue is not a good experience. If this happen, you may try to solve the problem by blowing on it few times. But in fact, this is not the right solution. It’s a sign that your atomizer is not heating up the e-liquid fast enough, which allows the juice to make its way onto your tongue.

E cig atomizers

Poor Vapor Production

When constantly using E cigarette, sometimes you may not notice that the amount of vapor your cigarette is producing is much less than before. No matter how frequently you e-smoke, you may not notice that the E Cigarette produces less vapor until you notice that you E cigarette just does not satisfy your needs the same way as before. This may be another sing, that your atomizer needs to be replaced.

No Vapor at All

When you press the button of your E cigarette and make a puff only to see that it does nothing, you may think that the atomizer is flooded. You can try to blow out the atomizer and try again to find out that your E cigarette works without replacing the battery, but this is a sing that your atomizer is not it good working condition. Bad quality vapor is the most common sign of atomizer failure. In this case, there is no other solution that to visit your favorite E cigarette retailer and buy E cig atomizer.

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