What are the Most Essential Portable Fridge Accessories

4WD fridge cage

Whether when camping, hiking or going/doing something else, having the right portable fridge and its accessories is paramount. Except for choosing the right fridge, having the right accessories can make quite of a difference both while travelling and when using the fridge. And since having the right accessories is important, manufacturers have strived to produce as many as possible. But with the large selection on the market, how to know which are the right ones?!

4WD fridge cage 2

Fridge Cover

When moving from one place to another, portable fridges can be exposed to a range of elements, which is why people should think of protecting it. The right way to do that is by covering it with a special transit cover which helps to protect the portable fridge both from the inside and outside. Besides, when padded, these covers can give the fridge extra insulation and can increase the life of its battery. Although a great number of fridges come with a cover like that, some of them are sold separately. In these cases, make sure you choose one that can meet the dimensions and specifications of the fridge.

Fridge Case

If you are carrying lots of baggage with you, you should think about investing in some other piece of equipment that can help you keep the fridge safe and sound while travelling. Generally speaking, a fridge case or also known as a barrier is easy to install and sturdy 4WD fridge cage that keeps the fridge in place while travelling. As an addition, a 4WD fridge cage like that gives easy access whilst protecting it from knocks that can happen from other moving gear in the back of the vehicle. These cages are a great solution for those who are travelling a lot with such equipment. Generally speaking, these cages are usually made from heavy-duty steel. Depending on the type and model, the most commonly used ones are with 10mm frame support with 3mm exterior cage surround, as well as stainless fittings.

Portable Power Solution

For those of you who didn’t know, portable fridges do not power themselves, instead, they require an external power function. Generally, there are two main powering options for such fridges: with generators or with battery packs, and they are essential if you want to keep your fridge working in a good condition throughout the time when travelling. According to some studies, battery packs are cheaper, work quietly and are more environmentally friendly. They can be used for powering different devices like your laptop, iPods, lights, speakers, phones, etc. They can be recharged via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket while on the move, or with a solar power charger.

Generators, on the other hand, are more expensive but can provide you with more power and a more stable one. The truth is that with the help of generators, you can power entire caravans and a range of appliances like the air conditioner, microwave, kettle, oven and even your portable fridge.

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