Types, Styles and Materials of Skateboarding Hats

I have always admired the style that skateboarders have every time I see them performing tricky jumps on the street. Besides the great techniques they use, they really know how to dress and how to proudly wear their outfit.

Browsing through internet sites you can see that the online market is fill of different clothing specially designed for hardcore skateboarders and, nowadays, one can find almost everything from jackets, quality-made T-shirts and sweatshirts, shorts that come in different length and sizes, pants, to footwear, a variety of colours and styles of skateboarding hats, socks and belts. If you look forward to enriching your skateboard collection with one more piece of clothing, then try purchasing a new style or a new brand from the many available on the market.

skateboarding hats

If skateboarding hats are on your list of new clothing, then here is what you have to know about their types, style and materials in order to buy the real stuff you’ll proudly wear while performing with your friends on the streets or in the parks.

  • The material the hats are made of makes all the difference

    Just one click can take you to a wide range of different shapes, sizes and materials of skateboarding hats. You have to keep in mind that the style of the hats, to some extent, depends on the material they are made of.

    That is why we put cotton as the first on the list of the most used materials. You can find a variety of different styles of hats that are made of cotton, especially people who are dealing with head sweating issues find this material as the most useful one.

    Second on the list is the acrylic. Skateboarding hats like the beanie, for example, made of acrylic can keep your head and ears warm while jumping and performing in the streets when the weather is cold or when the wind is your “enemy”. Hats made of this material are resistant to the sun and can be purchased at a very affordable price.

    Wool hats are soft, flexible and resistant to fire (in case if you didn’t know). Most fashion hats are made of this material because it can also be insulating and comfortable to wear.

  • Types of hats

    The types of hats are endless as well as their use. If you are a hardcore skateboarder then you can choose from the vast range of 5-Panel and 6-Panel hats, different colours and sizes of snapback hats, trucker and beanie hats.

    If you want to be trendy then purchase a 5 or 6-Panel model, if you want to keep your head warm and your hair out of your face then definitely you will need a beanie hat (your preferred colour), and if you are a skateboarder who enjoys listening to hip hop music then, without a doubt, you have to fill your buying cart with a good snapback hat and wear it proudly next time you decide to work on some new tricky jumps in the park.

  • Versatile styles of hats

    When we talk about styles of hats then it’s up to individual’s taste which style he prefers and he’ll choose. The online market is overflowed with many different styles that come in a variety of colours, head sizes and shapes. Choose the one that best defines who you are and face the new challenges moving around with your greatest four-wheeled weapon – the skateboard.

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