How To Treat for Alopecia Areata – Help Guide

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that is associated with an immune system disorder. Poor immune system affects hair follicles what causes hair to fall out. Usually hair falls out in small, round, smooth patches. However, while some people experience just patches, others can developed total baldness. In some cases, hair grows again, typically after several months. But in general, alopecia areata is permanent and cannot be cured. This form of hair loss is common for both genders and can happen at any age. Most commonly it occurs in person’s mid 20s.

Although there isn’t a miracle pill that can completely cure hair loss, there are numerous treatment for alopecia areata. Hair loss patients usually seek treatments for cosmetic reasons. In today’s world where huge focus in put on beauty, hair loss patients find it hard to fit in. They seek the best spot baldness treatment to gain back their self-steam back. Here are few of the more popular treatment for alopecia areata.


A very effective treatment for alopecia areata for extensive or total hair loss. The procedure includes applications of a chemical solution called diphencypron into a small area of bald skin. The procedure is repeated every week and a stronger dose is applied each time. The solution can causes allergic reaction and side effect include severe skin reaction. Results can be seed after 12 weeks of this spot baldness treatment.

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Hair loss surgery

Suitable for a range of different forms of hair loss, this treatment for alopecia areata is applicable to both genders. Considered an invasive treatment for alopecia areata, hair loss surgery is the last solution to seek for your hair loss problem. Doctors usually advise patients to try other spot baldness treatment first. There are different types of hair loss surgery: hair transplant, scalp reduction, artificial hair and cloning. The success of the treatment will depend on the skill of the surgeon and complications that can develop after the procedure.

Micro scalp pigmentation

This treatment for alopecia areata is becoming increasingly popular lately. It is a procedure where with the art of tattoo the appearance of shaved head is accomplished. Micro scalp pigmentation is a non-surgical and non-invasive spot baldness treatment that does not involve strong medication nor risks of complication. The natural pigments are tattooed in the scalp to match the colour of natural hair. It is a pain free procedure and the number of sessions depends on how bald the patient is. Long-term results are visible almost instantly.

As you can see, different kinds of treatment for alopecia areata are available to help you camouflage your hair loss. As mentioned, if you suffer from alopecia areat, that doesn’t mean you will be bald forever. But if it is impacting you emotionally or if you are uncomfortable with you appearance, you can try one or more of the above mentioned spot baldness treatment.

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