Some Tips for Wrapping Gifts Like a Pro

There are two types of people when it comes to making a birthday present look presentable: those who use gift bags and those who wrap presents. I’m in the second group of people who like the whole creative process of gift wrapping. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who use gift bags, which are very convenient and come in a range of wonderful designs, I just think that a wrapped present looks more beautiful and all the time and effort you have put into wrapping it makes the gift even more special. A wrapped gift can indeed make a great first impression, when done right that is.

The whole process of folding and taping the wrapping paper properly can be a bit tricky and I have to admit the first few gifts I tried to wrap looked anything but presentable, but with a bit of practice I managed to master the art of gift wrapping. The truth is that that with the right tools and a dose of creativity you can easily become a pro wrapper and surprise your guests with beautifully wrapped gifts. For the sake of you becoming a better gift wrapper I have put together some tips that can up your gift wrapping game in no time.

Assemble the essential gift wrapping supplies

To refine your wrapping skills you need to have the right gift wrapping supplies for the job. Before you begin wrapping organize your gifts and find a large workspace where you can place all your gift wrapping supplies. The essential supplies your will need to make your presents look gorgeous include wrapping paper, scissors, tape and a sharpie in a vibrant colour so you can write a lovely note for the person the got is for.

Invest in quality wrapping paper and boxes

While it may be tempting to buy cheaper wrapping paper, this is the main thing your should avoid if you want your gifts to look presentable. High quality wrapping paper and a sturdy box are the main thing you would need to create a wonderfully wrapped gift that will leave will impress that special someone in your life. While a cheap wrapping paper often rips easily and is hard to work with, you won’t have these problems with one that is made from quality materials, plus it comes in a range of gorgeous patterns and colours so you can surely find something that meets your needs.

Add a finishing touch with a beautiful ribbon

The secret to wonderful gift wrapping is in the small details like cute notes and bows. Creating the perfect bow can be a bit challenging at first, but with some practice and the right ribbon, you can easily make beautiful bows for your gifts. There are two types of ribbons: grosgrain and wire. While grosgrain ribbons are usually less expensive they can be difficult to work simply because they are made from thicker fabric that can be hard to wrap with. Wire ribbons on the other hand are thinner and therefore easier to work with, plus they are available in many different colours and designs.

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