Tips on Finding the Best Yoga Mat to Rock Your Poses

Practicing yoga is healthy and cheap. When we say cheap we mean that no matter what type of yoga equipment and accessories you will need to buy, you will spend a very reasonable price for them compared to other workout equipment. Yoga gear is simple but designed to make your practice easier and effective. For example, yoga mats are the most common piece of gear that is designed to make the practice more convenient. Working on a slippery towel, rug or overly-soft gym cushion can lead to frustration and injury. On the other hand, yoga mats offer comfort and stability enabling you to master your poses with ease.

However, choosing the right yoga mat is not as easy as it seems. There are many options out there, especially if you go online. Here you will find yoga mats for any style of yoga. If you want to make a yoga mat online purchase, there will be few factors that will affect your decision. For example, you need to consider the type of yoga you are practicing, where you will be practicing and last but not least, know how much you are willing to spend on this piece.

yoga mat online

Yoga mats are available in both, travel mats and hot yoga mats. The first type is generally made of thinner material so they can be more easy for transportation, while hot yoga mats are designed specifically for hot yoga and provide extra traction. Always have your type of practice in mind when choosing a yoga mat online. If you are an enthusiast that practice two or more types of yoga you may need to invest in a few different mats. For example, you may need a thinner mat when you are doing balanced poses or a thicker one for meditative yoga.


The material plays an important role in a variety of areas like cost, stickiness, traction, comfort, and durability. You can find mats made from full synthetic to all natural materials. Here are the most common ones. Foam mats are a budget-friendly option but they are not the best choice for heavy yoga with balance poses. Cotton mats are a more eco-friendly option and they are ideal for meditation, yin yoga and restorative yoga because they are extra thick. TPE mats are recyclable, stretchy and cushioning. They are comfortable and lightweight which makes them easily portable. Last but not least, all natural rubber mats are the most slip-resistance option, they are durable, resilient and eco-friendly.


This aspect can be divided into two categories: texture and stickiness. The thickness is responsible for how much you will slide and slip during your practice. The texture can range from coarse to smooth and it comes with some consideration too. For example, if you are bothered by bumps and ridges you should avoid a courser mat. On the other hand, if you are slide too much then you need to consider a textured mat. Stickiness is very similar to texture. So, if you are looking for comfort, the smooth and sticky mat is your best choice for comfort and maintaining poses. The stickies mat available out there is one made of natural rubber, but keep in mind, the cleaner the mat, the better it will stick to our feet and hands.


Although we place it last on the list, comfort is perhaps one of the most important aspects when buying a yoga mat. During your practice you will spend a couple of minutes at a time in one pose, connecting the floor. Some people prefer softer mats because they offer more comfort during poses and movement. Other opt for firmer yoga mat as it is a better choice for making balancing poses often. If you are dealing with sensitive skin, a smoother mat would be better as it feels more comfortable while rubbing against and pushing into your feet, knees, and hands.

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