Tips For Buying Small Electrical Appliances

Small electrical appliances are generally small kitchen machines designed to sit on a worktop. Unlike large electrical appliances, they can be easily moved from one place to another and can even be stored inside a cabinet when more worktop space is needed.

If you are setting up a kitchen for the first time, you may be wondering what are the essential small electrical appliances you will need in your kitchen. Here are few tips to help you choose the best small electrical appliances the will match your personal needs.


Before You Buy

Here are few questions for you to ask yourself before you start your search for a new small electrical appliance:

  • Do I have enough counter space in my kitchen for the product I’m considering?
  • Is it available in the style/finish I want?
  • Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Blenders and juicers

  • Watts determine speed and power. Hence give preference for blenders with higher wattages. They can pulverize frozen fruits, ice and nuts much more easily than blenders with lower wattages.
  • Carafes can range from 4-9 cups. They can be made of glass – which offers transparency for easy monitoring; plastic – with is light weight and safe to handle; stain steel – which is non-staining.
  • Removable juicer tops makes adding items while blending easier.
  • To make cleaning easier, look for detachable bases and blades.

Coffee and Espresso Makers

  • Look for brewers that can accommodate both single-serve cups, pods and loose ground coffee all in one single unit.
  • Features to consider include: integrated bean grinders – for fresh coffee taste; temperature adjustment – if you like tepid or extra-hot coffee; water filters; coffee strength selectors and permanent coffee filters.
  • Other convenient features to consider are 24-hour programmability and automatic shut-off.


  • You can choose either a hand mixer or a stand mixer
  • For flexibility, mixers come with various beater types.
  • If choosing a stand mixer, determine which beater action is better for you.
  • When compared to hand mixers, stand mixers are more versatile machines that you can use to prepare a larger range of food.

Food Processors and Grinders

  • Food processors and grinders come with various accessories to complete different kitchen tasks such as finely chop vegetables, shred cheeses, grind meat, chop nuts, pulvarize grains, etc.
  • Some models come with extra attachments to accomplish certain prep work including knead dough, tackle juicing, slicing, shredding and grating.
  • Look for feed tubes on the top of the appliance to be able to add items while the machine is running.
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