Things to Consider When Choosing Snake Gaiters

Australia is known to be one of the most diverse and exciting places on Earth to explore when it comes to nature and wildlife. From deserts and forests to coral reefs and blue ocean, there’s just so much to see and so much to take in and enjoy. However, it’s important to know that with biological diversity come great biological dangers.

When out in the wilderness, the most common dangers are snakes and spiders. Every year, there are thousands of Australians bitten by snakes. Many of these bites can be fatal. For this reason, proper protection with snake proof leg gaiters is vital. In addition. we are going to see how effective are snake gaiters and check in detail several things that should be considered when purchasing such gaiters.

snake proof leg gaiters


Snake gaiters aren’t just a typical piece of clothing, they’re much more than that. That’s why, when looking for quality and practical snake proof leg gaiters, the material they are made of is of utmost importance. Just any material won’t provide proper protection.

When looking for material, consider durability, quality and waterproofing. It’s important for the material to be durable so it can provide you peace of mind that your gaiters won’t fall apart after a couple of outings. Hence, look for a material that has been specifically designed for this purpose. These days, a lot of technology goes into creating the ideal fabric that later turns into the perfect snake gaiter. Make sure that the snake gaiters you choose are made of material with a declaration specifying it and guaranteeing its purpose.

Quality is closely related to durability. A quality snake gaiter provides protection but should also be comfortable to wear, i.e. it shouldn’t obstruct your movement. Typically, quality material for snake gaiters is made of at least two layers in order to guarantee protection. These layers don’t make a heavy gaiter, but they’re rather light, tight, and easy to wear.

When it comes to the waterproof aspect, it is more about convenience than protection. It’s not strange that the terrain you walk in changes by the minute. For this reason, having a waterproof gaiter is of great importance. Water-resistant material will keep your snake gaiters and legs dry and won’t jeopardize the gaiter’s purpose.

Design snake proof leg gaiters


Once you have ensured that the material is adequate, it’s time to take a close look at the design of your snake gaiters. The optimal gaiter will fully wrap around your calf and won’t leave any spots uncovered and vulnerable. It will stay securely on your leg and there won’t be a need to readjust it as you’re walking. If they’re not designed properly, it may be hard to keep them in place.

To ensure that your snake gaiters are designed properly, make sure that they don’t have zippers, buckles, or any other thing used to adjust and secure them on the outside. Having it out and about can result in your gaiter accidentally opening up and slipping off your leg.

Then, ensure that they have a buckle that will keep them in place. The buckle is very important for keeping your gaiters secured and on your legs at all times.

You also have to check whether your gaiters are fully adjustable and contoured in all the right places to provide a secure, snug fit, and full coverage.

Last but not least, snakes don’t like flashy things, so you really shouldn’t be wearing anything that will really stand out while you’re out in the wild. Camo, dark green, grey and brown are good choices.

Level of Protection

Normally, the suitable layer of protection against snakes is the snake gaiters covering the top of your boot. However, if you want to trek through some long grassland or some other more dangerous area, you have to consider some leggings or chaps that will offer a more comprehensive cover.



If you plan to wear your snake gaiters with one and the same pair of boots, adjustability may not be that important. However, if you have more than one pair of boots that you tend to wear when out in the wilderness, you may need some gaiters that can be easily adjusted for each use.

Make Sure They Are Tested

It’s a fact that untested snake gaiters can not be regarded as safe snake gaiters. Regardless of how good the material is and how well the snake gaiters are made, if they aren’t tested and proven to protect from Australian snakes, you should not even consider them.

For instance, the snake known as the Australian Death Adder really lives up to its name as its venom is able to kill in around 6 hours. Besides the potent venom, this snake also has the longest fangs of any other Australian snake species. This kind of snake is known as a “sit-and-wait” kind of predator and it’s common in many parts of our country. As its own name suggests, this snake will not show itself but jump you unexpectedly. For this reason, you must have guaranteed snake gaiters, otherwise, you’ll be in a bumpy, scary ride. That’s why you need to seek proof of the gaiters being tested. If they check the Death Adder box, you can be sure that those gaiters won’t have a problem protecting you from any other snake out there.

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