Things to consider Before Buying an Outdoor Day Bed

Outdoor Day Bed

For me, there isn’t a better way to spend the lazy weekend days than by enjoying the morning coffee in the garden, and having a relaxed breakfast time, alone or with my family. This is why I give the biggest priority to the comfort in my outdoor space, before anything else, including the décor.

Speaking of comfort, there is no doubt that the outdoor bed is one of the most important furniture items that influence your outdoor relaxing experience. For this reason, before you do anything else in favour of transforming your garden into a relaxing oasis, do your best to choose a high-quality and comfortable outdoor bed.

If you are interested in making the best selection among the sea of outdoor day beds, with which the Australian market is flooded, keep on reading. I’ve prepared a simple yet useful guide on buying an outdoor day bed that will match your needs and complement the overall décor in your garden. In fact, here are some important factors to consider when selecting the best bed for your garden, from the wide range of outdoor day beds available on the market.

Available Space

You certainly don’t want to end up buying a bed that is too big to fit your outdoor space, nor a too small bed that will simply look lost in a big space. Due to this reason, the first thing you should do is to determine the right spot in your garden, where you’ll accommodate the bed, and take the exact measurements afterwards. Knowing the actual dimensions of the space available for placing a bed will help you to determine the approximate dimensions of the bed you should buy.

Bed Size

Choosing the most appropriate bed size is not only important for fitting it best into your space, but for matching your actual needs. Namely, another factor to consider when choosing the size of the bed is the number of people you wish to be able to sit on it. Also, this factor depends on your personal preferences. More specifically, it depends on whether you want to spread on the bed, for working on your lap top, for reading a book while sitting or for hosting a party.


Due to the fact that outdoor day beds are exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, sunlight, dust, humidity and so on, you should pay attention to the material when choosing a bed for your garden. Unless you are prepared to spend your life in taking care for the bed and moving it from outside to inside and vice versa every single day, don’t settle with nothing but high quality material featuring a coating that is made to withstand rough environmental conditions. In this way you will save time on maintaining, moving and covering the bed as well as money on replacing the bed with new after couple of years.

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