The Royal Jelly Health Benefits

We all know about the benefits of honey and that is a natural sweetener. But, aside honey, bees offer us an even more essential elixir and is called royal jelly. Royal jelly is super-food produced by bee royalty. Bees feed the larvae with royal jelly and this cause them to grow more faster then other larvae, so they are on the fast track to become queen bees. Even when fully grown, they still require the nutrition of royal jelly. The royal jelly with high quality is packaged in dark containers to reduce its exposure to light.


Among people, royal jelly is known as a super-food for brain and provide a lot of benefits. One of the royal jelly health benefits is its ability to encourages brain growth by stimulating neurotransmitters, glial cells and steam cells, which protect the neurons of the brain. Because is the only food it contain the fatty acid 10-HDA, royal jelly can improve the person’s overall cognitive capacity. The high concentration of phospholipids in royal jelly help people to deal with their cognitive problems, motor function, learning processes sand short-term memory. Even chronic conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases can have some benefit from this product. According to the latest studies, consuming royal jelly helps boost intelligence with time.

Royal jelly health benefits are wide what makes ti great health booster. It is a powerhouse of vitamins from B group, trace minerals and other elements that are essential for regenerating tissue, including DNA. By increasing the potency of white cells, royal jelly improve the overall immune system. The 10-HDA fatty acid reduces the oxygen supply to tumor, what makes royal jelly anti-carcinogenic product. It’s also perfect for people with type II diabetes as capable to regulate the blood sugar.


Aside 10-HDA, royal jelly contains many other, unique elements like royalisin which is antibacterial protein and albumin, a protein that helps carry nutrients through membranes. DHEA is an adrenal-regulating and anti-aging hormone and is contain in this super-food, so maybe that is way Chinese medicine has considered royal jelly as a Yin Jing tonic. This hormone can also be helpful about kidney and adrenal system functions. Not only our inner systems enjoys royal jelly health benefits, but our outer appearance as well. Its PABA – para-aminobenzoic acid helps our body to use protein more effectively, which resulting with faster growing hair and restored hair colour. The zinc and collagen in royal jelly evident in younger-looking, smoother and softer skin.

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