The Most Popular and Effective Men Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is common for both men and women in midlife, but there is no exception that can happen at any age of life. It is extremely difficult situation that can cause deep emotional and psychological effects on the person. Male pattern baldness is related to the male hormones as well as genes. However, the most common reasons why men and women lose hair are:

receding hair treatment

  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Missing nutrients
  • Heredity
  • Medications

All of these factors can be a cause for male pattern baldness, but sometimes the cause can be a combination of several factors. Fortunately, today you can find the proper men hair loss treatment that will treat or at least reduce your hair loss. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective male pattern baldness treatments.

  • Minoxidil is one of the most popular and effective men hair loss treatment.
  • It is a medical solution that needs to be applied twice a day on bald spots. Remember that Minoxidil will show results after 3 months of intense use.
  • No matter the extent of the bald area, you are allowed to apply only 25 drops twice a day and no more.
  • Keep in mind that if you stop the treatment, the balding process will return after time.
  • Minoxidil is a safe treatment, but there are also some side-effects like scalp irritation and hair growth on other parts of the body.

Finasteride is one of the best-known men hair loss treatment, introduced in 1997.

  • Finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. On that way the hair follicles can grow back and they won’t be affected by this hormone.
  • It will take around 6 months after you see any results of the treatment.
  • This treatment shows good results about 80 percent of men.
  • Just like when using Minoxidile, the Finasteride treatment won’t work if you stop using it.
  • For using this medicine you will need a private prescription.

Hair replacement is the last treatment men opt for. It a surgical procedure where hair from the back of the scalp is used placed to the bald patches.

  • It is a minor operation done under local anesthetic.
  • It can be done in several stages.
  • The results depend entirely on the surgeon’s skills.
  • Hair replacement is followed by side effects like infection and scarring.
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