The Impressive List of Benefits Offered by Modular Hospital Building

The number of regional hospitals and Urgent Care Centres is increasing. According to recent research, that number is growing at over 4% per year. This means the need for space increases as well. Patients seek more convenience especially when they are in for immediate treatment at a regional facility. Hence, the need for creating new facility solutions. Hospital owners turn to prefabrication for extra facilities such as bathrooms, headwalls, storage rooms, laboratories and even an entire hospital. In fact, the leading market sector utilizing modular construction is healthcare, and according to recent industry statistics this comes at 49 percent. Modular% constructions are a great option when opting for more standardised environments and systematic approaches.

At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning that a modular hospital is a fully functioning hospital which has at least two operating rooms, ICU and other units and departments (depending on the services needed). It creates convenience for its patients in the sense of space, time and functionality.

When talking about the benefits that come with the modular hospital building, there are several advantages that are worth mentioning. Firstly, it is impressive how quickly the construction can be accomplished. It can be built up to half the time needed to built a conventional built building. Prefabrication speeds the process of constructing the facilities off site. Since modular buildings are constructed indoors, the weather conditions do not have effect on the process of building. The rapid building means minimal disruption in people’s activities.

In addition to the time of building, safety is a major advantage as well. Accidents and hazards involve loss of time, administrative costs, insurance damage tools and even fines. When the hospital is built off-site, 80% of the construction activities are removed from the site and thus the elimination of most of construction hazards.

Moreover, hospitals are in constant need of upgrading to new equipment, wings, wards, and as the medical technology advances, newer facilities are necessary. Modular construction provides the addition of such extra space without obstructing the regular functioning of the building. The same goes for eliminating or renovating the structure. Therefore, flexibility is one great benefit.

Another important advantage is that modular buildings have the same standard as conventional buildings. This means that they have the same quality since the same quality materials are used and the same building code restrictions apply. While constructing the modules indoors, an excellent quality management is achieved.

Furthermore, modular construction has the least harmful impact on the environment. This is perfect for the healthcare sector which is in need of high health and safety standards. Also, prefabricated materials are easier to recycle since they haven’t been exposed to different weather conditions.

Taking all things into consideration, it is easy to recognise the benefits of modular hospital construction. The healthcare industry grows fast and its needs for more spacious facilities undoubtedly are met with the modular construction.

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