Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide

There is a new book on the market “Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide” designed to educate teenagers about sex and the unsuspecting parent by surprise.

The book is full with full color photographs of 18 to 22 years olds, real couples having sex in their own bedroom. The pictures have explicit content. Ages ago, this kind of photos weren’t able to be seen by the teenage generation, only by the most resourceful teenage boys.

This book is aimed for children from puberty onward, but can you imagine the teenagers around you reading this book?

Can you imagine your daughter or niece reading this kind of book?


The book is already sold in 200,000 copies in Germany, while the British version is available in Australia now.

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3 thoughts on “Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide

  1. Rachel H. on said:

    I love this book. It has great infographics and photos and is written in a warm, engaging style. The photos are full-on but realistic and show a variety of relationships. My 15 year old son thought it was a laugh and has been keen to look through the book finding out facts. One of the great things about this book is that it has helped our family have conversations about sex and relationships in a natuural, humourous way. Best of all those conversations have been initiated by the teenagers.

  2. Andrew W. on said:

    Totally different to every other practical guide to sex and human relationships. They have all the appeal of a dull dishwasher manual. This is a remarkable book: beautifully produced and illustrated, extraordinarily well written, the sharpest, most effective informatics I have ever seen. SEX & LOVERS a practical guide is designed to be read and enjoyed.

  3. Marissa Bay on said:

    This book has divided opinion and the use of photographs has proved controversial, yet it must surely be applauded for tackling a difficult subject in an informative and straightforward fashion. The book is aimed at teenagers who at present get much of their ‘education’ about sex and relationships online and are bombarded with crude pornographic imagery. Teenagers are under so much pressure, often left to work out on their own how to manage relationships. Sex & Lovers may not be perfect but it does represent a massive step forward in terms of helping create loving sexual relationships rather than degrading ones.

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