Sandals Dilemma: What’s Better – Suede or Leather?

Without doubt, sandals with heels are the most favourite type of footwear among women during the hot summer days. And while they are available in different models and heel size, it is the material that makes them more attractive and comfortable. So it goes without saying that leather and suede are among the most popular and healthy types of materials for sandals and footwear in general. A thing you need to know about these materials is that both of them are leather, only different types of leather.

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….so, what are the differences between these two types of leathers?

When we say leather, the first thing that pops in our mind is the smooth type of leather. In fact, this is the main difference between these two types of genuine leather The one is smooth and shiny while the other is matte and somehow furry. The reason for this is in the making process.

Leather is the outer surface of the animal hide located below the hair. Shoes and heel sandals made of leather are considered extremely quality, durable and able to withstand all weather conditions. Leather sandals and shoes, in general, are extremely soft and can mould according to your feet which is the key to its comfiness. Since leather is a genuine material, it is safe to use as it poses no health risk. Since leather is a material that can be easy to work with, you can choose from a large selection of leather sandals on the market. Except for the model and type, make sure you pay attention to the heel size which also plays a major role in how comfortable the sandals can be.

Advantages of Leather Heel Sandals

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Firmness, durability, breathability, comfiness, easy to maintain, quality and protection are the main things you can get by wearing sandals like this on a daily basis. The main downside of opting for leather sandals is the price and nothing else. And if you think in the long run, it is better to pay more for sandals that could last you a lifetime if you take good care of them, don’t you think? When it comes to cleaning them, you can clean any dirt with a gentle bristle brush, and moisturise them with special leather cream, moisturiser or oil. If there are any stains and dirt left you can clean them with a damp cloth and lukewarm water solution with a mild liquid soap. Once done, leave them to dry and apply leather moisturiser.

Suede Leather

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Now, let’s say a few words about this genuine leather. Unlike full-grain leather which is made of the outer layer of the hide, suede is made of the inner surface of the animal hide. Just like full-grain leather, suede can be made of any type of animal hide. The difference in them would be in the finish of the suede because some animals have thicker hides when compared to others. Once woven, the leather needs to be washed after which it’s trimmed and napped in order to get the short hair look. When compared to full-grain leather, suede is way softer and more luxurious looking.

Advantages of Suede Leather Sandals


As we already mentioned, if we would compare full-grain and suede sandals, the suede ones look more elegant without a doubt. According to fashion designers, no other footwear material can compare to the style and beauty suede leather has. Just like full-grain leather, suede sandals can easily mould to the shape of your feet which makes it one of the comfiest footwear material on the market. Suede is also extremely breathable material, ideal for sandals that would be worn when the weather is hot. Now, when compared to full grain smooth leather, suede has more disadvantages. The first one is maintenance. Suede is quite difficult to care, so you will need to be extremely careful when wearing such sandals. Additionally, you will have to invest in a bunch of protective and cleaning sprays in order to keep them in tip-top condition. Additionally, suede has poor resistance to dust and dirt and it is pricier than genuine full-grain leather sandals.

As you can see, both full-grain leather and suede are great materials for sandals. And since sandals are designed to be worn when the weather is hot, you can freely choose both suede and leather sandals. A thing to have in mind is to buy from a reliable and reputable store. These stores can provide you with reliable and reputable brands of footwear, ones that use only quality and genuine materials. Otherwise, you are risking of being scammed and to pay more for something that is not made of genuine and real animal’s hide. Synthetic leather might look similar to the real one, but except the lower price, there is nothing else beneficial in it.

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