Ruinart: The Best Champagne You Should Try

Ruinart is one of the oldest, yet select and low profile Champagne house which dates back to the 18th century. It was founded by Nucolas Ruinart in 1729. Then Louis XV gave his agreement for transporting sparkling wines in baskets including fifty to hundred bottles. This opened the wine makret gates of Europe and make the Ruinart the oldest Champagne house. The first delivery of Ruinart Champaing went in 1730, January. It was business gift for cloth buyers. Since then, this champaigne house has kept the standards of excellence in producing and delivering its „wine with bubbles“.


Ruinart has build a strong relationship with the Arts, so back in 1895 Andre Ruinart asked Alphose Much, a Czech artist to create a poster of Ruinart. Today this brand name is still involved with Contemporary Art and is included in many important international events like the Foire de Bale, ARCO, London Design, the Carre Rive Gauche and Miami Art Basel.

The Ruinart Champaigne house have come a long way, but there is one thing that haven’t chage. The bottle. With it’s skinny neck is nothing more but elegant. So, why such bottle design? In the 1700s there were no ridding racks – objects that Champagne producers use to turn the bottles slowly until they are upside-down. So winemakers keept the bottles uspide down, to get the yeast out. The shape of Ruinart Champaigne bottles make this possible.


Another great thing about Ruinart are their deepest cellars in Champagne. Their sligtly humid and cool underground tunnels keept the wine naturally cold. If you taste the Ruinart Champainge I bet that the only thing that will come to your mind will be nothing but elegant. It is so subtle and delicate, it is such liquid silk in your mouth. The reason of this is because Ruinart includes higher percet of Chardonnay in its blends compared to any other wine house.

The ‘R’ de Ruinart NV includes 25 percet reserve wines with 40 percent Chardonnay. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is hundread percet Chardonnay, sourced from Premier Cru vineyards, while Ruinart Rose Champaigne is 55 percent Pinot, of which 18 percent is red wine and 45 percet Chardonnay. This wine is fruity, aromatic and intense, its nose is subtle and fresh, ripe with fresly picked cherry and red berries, folowed by a slpash of spicy and flowers notes.


Ruinart Rose Champaigne is very festive which gives a pure pleasure if you drink it throughout a meal from aperatif to dessert. It tastes especially good paired with Italian prosciutto. For a main course it’s great accompaniment for low temperature cooked veal fillet. At the end, Ruinart Rose Champaigne will find its expression with a berry soup improved with balsamic vinegar.

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