Roof Racks vs Roof Bags: How to Decide Which One is Right?

If you’re someone who likes going on weekend getaways across the vast Australian outback with their Triton, you’ll want to pack everything you need to make the trip more enjoyable and get the best experience possible. But even the Triton, with its spacious trunk, can’t always fit in everything an average family or a friend group of 4 needs for a few day trip, which is why many Triton owners look to get Triton roof racks or roof bags to deal with the issue.

triton roof rack

It’s hard to believe that something as simple and Triton roof racks or bags can help deal with so many issues, such as improving storage capacity, freeing up additional leg room inside your Triton for more comfort, and providing a sturdy platform that you can safely attach your gear and sports equipment like kayaks, mountain bikes, snowboards or anything else on. But how do you decide whether you need a roof rack or a roof bag? Well, both roof racks and roof bags have their own distinct advantages, so you have to consider what matters to you before you make a decision.

Roof racks offer more storage capacity, as they’re essentially an open storage platform for your Triton. You can put as many gear and equipment on them as you want, including large and odd-sized and shaped items. As long as you strap everything down properly, you won’t have any issue safely transporting all your belongings. Further, roof racks are versatile and you can modify and personalise them to fit your specific needs. For instance, you can attach a bike rack onto it to bring multiple bags on the trip, or get a kayak carrier for your kayak. They’re basically designed for the great outdoors.

roof racks

On the other hand, roof bags give you plenty of storage space, but without disturbing your Triton’s aerodynamics. This results in less drag, meaning you don’t lose out on mileage. Additionally, roof bags, at least the better-quality ones, are completely weatherproof. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how much your gear and equipment are protected. Some roof bags have taped seams and storm flaps, and packing is as easy as putting everything into the roof bag, zipping it up and heading out. Lastly, roof bags are extremely easy to use. They aren’t permanent attachments like roof racks, and you can put them on and take them off any time you want.

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