The Role of Ear Piercings in Achieving Authenticity

What if there was a way to walk into a room and instantly inform everyone present what kind of person you are. Well, maybe this concept is a little bit too far fetched, at least for now, but there are certainly several ways to give people a hint about what your likes and dislikes are and who is your tribe. Ear piercings are no doubt a fabulous way to reveal a rebellious spirit. Although there are different types of ear piercings, they all signify anti-authoritarian world view that is always closely linked to fun and outgoing personality.

Ear piercings

People who are not afraid to be different from everyone else are by default a whole lot braver than everyone else. However, it can sure get a little bit lonely on Brave Island, therefore, I am sure that since us humans are highly social beings, each and every one of us is looking for a similar companion. The way we carry ourselves, the places we like to spend our time in and the little details about us – such as unique ear piercings are some of the most notable hints.

Now, since there are many ear piercing types, you can take this authenticity role to a whole new level by choosing to get your ears pierced with cool ear piercings that speak volumes about the music you listen to or the kind of rebel you are. Ear piercings have gone a long way from what they used to be a decade ago, therefore, if your mind is undecided, you just need to figure out what you want to express and let the awesome piece of jewelry do the rest.

Cartilage piercing

As aforementioned, different ear piercings signify different things. For instance cartilage piercing has a unique bohemian vibe. If you are fond of nature and spirituality, this one’s the perfect pick for you. It’s positioned on the outer edge of the ear, so it’s quite noticeable, but still, very gentle. You can choose a feather, sun, bird, elephant cartilage piercing and set your wild spirit free.

Tragus piercings

If tribalism, gentility and spirituality are not your cup of tea, you can opt for tragus piercing. It’s a little bit less noticeable, but once noticed, it makes a great statement. The best thing about this type is how much of a change a detail can make. For instance, the plainer the piercing, the more of a rockish vibe it’ll deliver to your look. However, if you choose one with a gemstone or two, it can even look glamorous on you.

Daith piercing

Daith piercing is similar to tragus, but the pierce is positioned right in the middle of the ear, close to the ear hole. It can look really sophisticated and gentle if plain, or it can play the rebelious game, depending on the type. Heath or sun shaped daith piercing is a common choice, but many celebrities have chosen to go with a simple plain circle.

So, what are you waiting for? Express your personality in a fun and trendy way and add a sparkle to your style as a whole. Let your intuition guide you and let your newly pierced ears be the talk of the town!

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