Robot Welding Vs Manual Welding – What Are The Advantages?

Welding is a machining process where two different materials are blended together through the process of intermixing, heating and cooling the materials in order to form a strong join. From spot welding to arc welding, robotic welders are used in welding processes where the weld required is quality and repetitive and speed is of main importance. The process of welding is automated that increases consistency and efficiency.

robotic welders

When making a comparison of robot welding and manual welding, the first one offer a lot of advantages including faster cycle times, better weld quality and no break in production. Robotic weld cells are highly productive because they can work without days off or breaks. A robotic welder is more thorough and consistent and can move from one weld to another very quickly, speeding up the entire process. Basically, by using robotic welders in the process takes less time and manufacturers can cut the cost of conserve materials, safety and direct labour.

Cut the cost of direct labour and safety

The process of manual welding takes time, concentration and skill and not to mention how dangerous it can be. Generally, welding is a dangerous application. Sparks, fumes, flash and heat make manual welding a very hazardous job. With robotic welding , you will reduce cost and protect workers. These systems increase production while enduring the hazards.

Taking less time

Robotic welders will get the job done professionally and quickly. These machines are designed to make few or no mistakes during the process of welding and unlike employees, they do not require breaks, vacations, etc. The welding process can continue without break 24/7 and this will have a huge impact on your productivity and throughput.

Conserve materials

Even the most experienced and knowledgeable welders can make mistakes. But, with robotic welders, everything is kept under control, including wires and power. Their accuracy means there is less wasted material and time. With these machines, you can easily increase your productivity and conserve your material.

Robot welding is helpful when you need access to a limited places or areas that are difficult to be reached. Manufacturers of robot welders have created designs with a slender robotic arm which can easily reach smaller areas. These machines have become increasingly attractive for job shops and contract manufacturers due the productivity, speed, repeatability and accuracy they offer while boosting efficiency, productivity and consistency. Overall, good equipment selection, careful planning and proper training are the keys for managing a profitable and productive robot welding operation.

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