Reusable Cups – Save the Planet While Enjoying Your Coffee

Nowadays, most people frequent the local cafe. Whether it is part of their daily routine or maybe just a weekend treat, it is easy for a person to fall into a pattern of ordering a coffee drink and throwing out the disposable cup. However, this indulgence comes at a cost.

Did you know that just one takeaway drink per day creates over 10 kg of waste each year? The fact is, our caffeine habit is hurting the environment. However, this can be avoided with the use of reusable coffee cup instead.

Visit any online or local store that sells drinkware sets and you will find a range of reusable coffee cups that mimics the look of disposable ones. You might have seen these cups around and weren’t convinced yet. Hopefully, the following reasons will influence you to the green side.

It is Eco-Friendly

Of course, this is the main reason for getting a reusable cup. Disposable cups have a waterproof plastic lining that makes them hard to recycle. Reusable cups take away the need for these disposable cups and it only takes about a dozen cups of coffee before it starts benefiting the environment.

You Will Save Money

More and more cafes are giving a small discount for bringing in your own cup and these savings will add up quickly if you are a coffee-lover.

It’s Stylish

With reusable cups being such a popular thing right now, we are benefiting as there are many options to choose from. This may be the hardest part about getting a cup because there are so many sizes, patterns and features to choose from.

Warm Drink for Longer

There are a few things worse than a lukewarm coffee and this is yet another reason why reusable cups are great. They are better at retaining heat than a disposable cup and various models can be sealed to stop heat from escaping, which also stops those coffee spills that we all dread.

Types of Reusable Coffee Cups

Before you visit a store that sells drinkware sets you should become familiar with your options. Reusable coffee cups made of plastic are the cheapest and lightest option but it is not efficient at retaining heat. One of the best materials to prevent heat loss is stainless steel. These cups tend to come with a lockable seal that is fantastic, which allow you to throw your cup in the bag while on the go. Clay cups are certainly one of the most environmentally responsible reusable cups considering the fact that if you break them or throw them away, they go back to earth. They usually come with a silicone lid which is also a degradable material and is not harmful as plastic.

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