Reasons to Use the New Living Translation Study Bible

The entire Christian world knows that the Bible is THE book you must own, be familiarized with, know some parts by heart and go into deep analysis with it, but only a small fraction of that world has actually read it. Why? Because it’s a hard book to read. It’s filled with old words and phrases whose meaning ordinary people of the 21st century don’t know nor can understand without the use of a good dictionary. Plus, all the names and places can really make a tornado out of your thoughts. But it’s the 21st century and just like for all problems that exist, a simple solution is found – a study Bible. A study Bible is a tool for studying the Bible easily and effectively. It contains explanations, descriptions and even pictures of the most important points and scenes in the book – which a Christian should know. One such is the New Living Translation study Bible – easy, literal and dynamic and a few more reasons why should you own it:

New Living Translation

1. It has scripture notes

Every good student knows the importance of quality study notes, and the New Living Translation study Bible has amazing ones. Its notes provide literal meanings for the dynamically translated words, background in the culture and history of the time and people involved in the events for better understanding, and explanations about the geographical places where those events took place.

2. It’s very easy for understanding

The point of a good study Bible is to allow its user to actually understand the Bible. The New Living Translation is one of the best-selling dynamic translations ever, and as such offers what is needed to stand to that title. Let me explain what a dynamic translation is first. A dynamic translation offers a thought-for-thought type of translation into contemporary English, instead of a word-for-word, which is the literal type of translation. It’s my personal opinion that it’s more important to know and catch the meaning of the sentences used in the Bible, instead of knowing what the words mean. You aren’t going to use them, right?

3. Hebrew and Greek words definitions

Although it’s more important to get the meaning of the entire sentence, sometimes one word can literally kill it for you because you don’t know its meaning. Especially if that word is in one of the oldest languages like Hebrew, or in a language isolate, like Greek, which has no similarities with any other language in the world. For that reason, the NLT study Bible offers a list with translations for 200 Hebrew and Greek words which are spread through the book. That way you have a translation at your hand for easy and fast understanding what a word means.

4. The Concordance is amazing

You know a study Bible is going to be helpful for sure if it has a Concordance. The Concordance is a supplement whose purpose is to help readers locate specific words through the Bible. The NLT has a 120-page selective Concordance in the back, although you can buy one separately.

5. Maps

The NLT study bible comes with coloured maps of the events that are explained in it. Maps are an important part of a study Bible because you need to know where certain things took place. Not knowing the geography is like wandering through a book full of beautiful stories. Those places then have a huge influence on what is there today, so it’s definitely an important part of the entire studying experience.

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