Reasons to Carry a Pocket Knife with You

I still remember my grandpa’s little knife that he carried always with him. It was small but sharp enough to cut a rope and tyre, and to me, it was like a sword, a sacred weapon that had the power to do anything. Even though I was too small, I thought this was the coolest thing on Earth and my grandpa was the coolest and the strongest grandpa in the world. Whether for opening his cold beer or for screwing a screw, his little handy knife was there to aid him. But there are so many reasons why my grandpa used this knife.
Over the years, these knives have improved a lot, so nowadays we can find a range of them available in any online store. The key to finding the right pocket knife is to find a reliable store that can provide you with a vast selection of pocket folding knives coming from different brands and in different shapes and sizes. However, if you are still not sure whether to buy a pocket knife or not, here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider buying one.


Opening Boxes, Letters, Packages…

There’s nothing worse than spending half of your Christmas morning opening presents in boxes. Of course, if you were carrying your pocket folding knife, you would spare yourself of having to spend all your morning opening gifts. Instead, use your pocket knife and use the rest of the morning for going on breakfast with your family.
Pocket knives are indeed an excellent tool for opening boxes and letters as well. Invest in one and neatly open your letters instead of tearing them apart.


Camping without a knife is like going on camping without a tent. From slicing your bread and roasting hot dogs on fire to shaving down kindling, having a quality pocket knife is essential. When in the search for the right pocket knife, you can choose one with tweezers in case you end up with a tick nasty splinter in your hand.


Even though you are not a fisherman, you are probably aware of the close relation between fishing and pocket folding knives. From removing hooks, and opening a cold beer to cutting line, a handy and multifunctional pocket knife is a must-have accessory for any fisherman.

Peeling Fruit

When on a picnic or when camping, you can use your handy pocket knife to peel the tasty and juicy apple you have in your bag.


Last, but not least, a pocket knife can be used as a type of a protection. Although it is not designed to be a weapon, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself, this handy tool will at least slow down the attacker.

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