The Perfect Supplies for a Perfect Baby Bath-Time

Although we parents understand the importance of hygiene, some babies simply hate bath time. It is difficult to say why this happens to some little ones, but most often, a bad bath time experience is the cause that leads another, and another, until all these negative experiences result in a general fear of bathing. Below we provide some tips for you to help your baby overcome his/her bath time fears, and become perfectly content in the tub.

Make Sure You Have All the Essentials

  • Pillow and Towel – When it comes to bathing a baby, the most important rule is to never take your hands off your baby once you start the bath. A pillow covered with a towel provides a comfortable, convenient place for you to bath your baby.
  • Washcloth – Your will need a washcloth to wash your baby. I recommend bamboo washcloths baby, as these washcloths are completely safe and soft for the delicate skin of your little one. Made from natural fibre, the softness of bamboo washcloths baby helps young children to feel delighted and much more relaxed during bathing.
  • Towel – We also recommend a bamboo baby towel as it absorbs more water, leaving the baby’s skin moisturized. Plus, bamboo towels are hypoallergenic, which helps reduce the symptoms of skin problems, allergies and asthma.
  • Skin Products – The use of oils, lotions, powders, and other products for baby care can be controversial. Some of these products can be good for your baby’s skin but some can be harmful. Consider using natural products or perfume-free lotions as these are less likely to contain irritating chemicals than the perfumed ones.
  • Clean diaper and clothes – After the bath, you will need fresh nappy and clothes to dress your baby.

Stick to a Routine

Establishing a routine will help your baby get used to the idea of a bath each day, around the same time, and he/she will start to recognize that baths come with enjoyable moments like rugs and kisses.

Use Bath Toys

It is easy to understand why any given toy department has dozens of different varieties of bath toys. Aside from the popular rubber duckies, there is also stacking cups, singing toys, plastic animals, etc, and all of them are a great way to involve play in bath time. And they work! Bath toys help create distractions and inspire imagination, turning bath time into new adventures every day!

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