The Perfect Addition To Your Garden – The Lilly Pilly Tree

The Lilly Pilly tree has been forever, but four decades ago, in the era of the well-known Australia renaissance of plants, plant lovers and enthusiasts rediscovered the Lily Pilly tree once again. A year went by and the trend has come again into the making. Many planters today were hypnotised by the heritage of this tree, and instantly wanted to plant them in their backyard. The Lilly Pilly tree comes from the rainforest from Cape York Victoria and can be found in different climates, thus their great reliability in their gardens. Once these trees start to grow, they are very tough tolerant, however when the rain hit they grow even stronger and lusher. They’ve grown usually in semi shade environments or full sun. On the other hand, they can be very good at colder conditions, when they are just small trees they do not react as good as they are full grown and they are more vulnerable.

Lilly Pilly Tree

Inside the garden, these trees are usually used for privacy screens, uncut hedges, however, their normal height, when they are in their maturity, is around 12 meters and it is very important that there is space. Cutting the older tree is not really an option, however, trimming in the winter is recommended and sometimes needed. Because of their nature, the white flowers, when autumn comes their fruits are so colourful they give a really astonishing view.

The Lillypilly roots can go through a lot of long distance reaching distances up to 7-8m, finding water whenever they can, but if there are a lot of city lines from your house you should be careful. One interesting fact , if there are no leaking pipes around, the tree will adapt to dry condition.

The big family of the Lilly pilly trees such as Acmena, Eugenia, Waterhousea and more, are very big trees that are best suited for gardens and parks. However, in the last decade, there is a dwarf collection, that can suit any garden whether is small or big.

There is nothing better than making your garden even more beautiful. You always want to have a bigger tree, with more lavish and tasteful fruits then picking a lilly tree is your choice. In the end, you can make your favourite drink, sit on your outdoor recliner chair and enjoy the garden with your beautiful trees. There is so much you can accomplish there, and to do that, you will need to start with a Lilly Pilly tree.

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