How to Organise Your Tool Shed for Maximum Storage

Including a shed in the backyard can be a great idea if you are in a need of an extra room for keeping all your tools. But tool sheds can easily become cluttered and more of a clutter trap than what they were designed to be in the first place – to store all your tools. In order to maximise the storage capacity and have enough surrounding space so you can eventually maneuver items out, a proper organisation is much needed.

tool sheds 1

Although there is no such thing as the right way of organising tools, as it can be individual thing, in most cases think about which tools you often use. You want to put these items in the most convenient location so they are easy to reach. This can save you time and energy when you retrieve them later, plus it can increase your motivation to put everything back to where it belongs to.

Adding shelves is a great option for organising tool sheds. You can add floating shelves mounted on the walls and utilise the upper area to store items that you don’t use frequently while keeping the floor clear for other items like lawn equipment. On the other hand, you can place a freestanding shelving unit and put items that you use on a frequent basis.

Storage bins are another super solutions for saving space, plus you can find them in all different shapes and sizes. You can use ones with small drawers to keep small items in place (screws, nuts, and bolts may don’t take up a lot of space but can still lead to disorganised and cluttered shed). Additionally, you can add dividers into the drawers for storing even smaller items. Also, even though bins may be see-through, you still want to put some effort and properly label each one.

Large tools as rakes, shovels, and brooms can often be placed into some corner and can slip and fall out of place when you search for the one you need. You can keep these tall and heavy tools in one place with the help of a wall mounted rack. One can allow you to keep them organised and safe and in sight easy to grab. You can also place hooks on the walls and hang these items. Hooks also work great for things that can easily be tangled like cords, ropes, and hoses. Furthermore hooks can be placed on the back of the door or on the exterior wall ( if the wall is protected with a roof overhang).

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