Nc Turning Explained

Every engineer tends to find the simplest solution to every complex problem. Without NC turning, we cannot have things such as cars, smartphones and other technology. That is why NC turning and engineering is very important to make our daily lives easier and functional. The technology that is all around us is made from different parts with a different function. There are countless of materials that are used to make these parts, and they are designed with their own dimensions, geometry, and durable qualities. An experienced engineer must merge all of these qualities together and come up a design that is known as a blueprint. They use methods such as 3D printing, milling, welding, casting and so on and of course the most important method NC turning.

Nc Turning

An NC turning machinist is an individual that is trained to the NC turning. After the blueprint is designed the NC machinist starts the process of NC turning. The machine that is operated is called an NC lathe and the main function is by turning the materials around on an axis and very quick speeds. The tools that are used to cut the materials are controlled by software which works by cutting the parts that are not in the original blueprint. There are various ways to use this machine to build the blueprint you are provided. Even though it is a very expensive machine, it is capable of doing amazing things. Imagine that these machines can down to 10 microns which are even smaller than the human hair.

The job of the NC machinist is to operate the computer and the programs. They are the ones that create all the angles and tools to cut the materials. Another operation that they do is preparing the machine, set up all the required tools and watch over the material is held steady while the machine is working. The tools are made with great precision and durability that even can cut bronze, aluminium, steel, essentially anything you can imagine.

When the operation begins, the NC machinist must be definitely certain that the dimensions he pre-sorted are exactly the ones that are on the blueprint he received from the NC engineers. That is the reason why only the most precise tools are used before inspection. Experienced machinist will be able to get the right specifications right from the start and do the process without any mistakes.

In the last stages, an NC machinist must do a quality control. Once everything is done the part is ready to be sent to the assembly line. In conclusion, NC turning is quite an important process of our daily lives. With the constant development of a lot of new techniques, we can be assured that the process will become even more efficient and fast.

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