Must-Haves For A Beach Vacation

Women are known to be super-complex and sometimes, even too demanding for men, which is probably true, especially when it comes to choosing the must-haves for traveling/vacation adventure. But, as airlines seem to be charging more and more for additional luggage, it has become quite important for women to start packing efficiently. Let’s say that the new motto of all women travelers should be ‘travel light’. Seems impossible, right? You think that there is no way to fit all your vacation-essentials in one simple bag, but you actually can.

No matter if heading for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation stay in exotic country full of sun and beautiful people, here is the list of things a woman shall not leave her home without.

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Beach Clothes

Beach clothes for women are surely an essential part of every modern woman’s traveling luggage. When it comes to beach clothes for women, there is a lot of choice to make, but unfortunately, not much time to think about. Therefore, you won’t go wrong if you choose a fluttery kaftan, a stunning cover-up and a pair of lennie lace pants to be part of your chic and practical beachwear this summer.

When selecting your beachwear, look for wrinkle-free pieces to avoid seeing them in an unwelcome wrinkle mess inside your beach bag. Therefore, you should go for summer dresses, shirts, skirts and pants that are made out of wrinkle-free fabric. These pieces of clothing are ideal for a beach vacation, as the material allows you to easily roll them in your suitcase and stay in a perfect shape when you take them out of your luggage. Other materials you may also consider in your beach-clothes quest are: cotton, polyester, bamboo and spandex.

Wide Brim Hat

Since forever, wide brim hats have been representing a powerful fashion statement and they are commonly seen as a synonym of style, graciousness and sophistication. Thus, you definitely need at least one stylish wide brim hat to complement your beachwear collection with. Ladies’ top wide-brim-hat choice for summer 2015 is the duo wide brim hat. With this model of summer hat, women have the opportunity to look vibrant and chic all vacation long. You can wear this sophisticated floppy on the beach or use it as the perfect fashion accessory on your vacation’s nights out. The duo-coloured wide brim hat will make a serious style statement, so if you want to emphasize the serious side of your personality, this is the right gadget to go for.


Wondering what to dress your feet with while on vacation? Here is the answer – sandals. Ladies sandals are travel-light, simple, yet very stylish. They won’t take much space in your suitcase, especially if flats. Remember, when going on a summer vacation, leave the high heels at home.

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