Motorised Blinds and Curtains: Why Invest in Them?

Considering technology has such a significant role in our lives, shaping our world in ways we didn’t even think was possible, it’s understandable devices like smartphones and tablets have become our daily companions.

It’s also understandable if you invite more of the smart technology in your home, especially in the case of furnishings and concepts that are energy efficient. While you may not want to go as far as turning your entire home into a Jetsons home, with robots serving you, even the slightest addition of smart automation makes a difference, as we can see with the motorised blinds.

Along with motorised curtains, these blinds are created to be integrated within your home’s smart system, be it through the Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod, and you can operate then with the push of a button when you’re at home or remotely operate them through a smartphone app thanks to the Automate Pulse wifi hub.

If you aren’t sure about this investment yet think of the chance to control your motorised blinds regardless where you are, you could be across the globe and still have a say in the control of your blinds. While this is great when you want to deter burglars, fooling them you’re at home same way as you’d ask someone to pick up the daily newspapers and mail, it’s also ideal from the sustainable point of view.

When you have control over the blinds and curtains you can make use of the natural heat inviting more of the sun in your home, especially useful in the winter months, whereas in summer when you want to cool off they can keep sun away when closed down during sunlight thus helping you cut down on the heating and cooling costs respectively.

Scheduling when to open or close them means you get both convenience and control without ever worrying about them again. At the same time, there’s also the protection and prolonging the lifespan of flooring, carpets and furniture that can easily be damaged from exposure to sunlight.

In terms of safety, they’re suitable for the elderly and children alike, since elderly wouldn’t mind to have this chore off their daily to-do list and children wouldn’t be exposed to the danger of tangling up in cords – the same goes if you have pets too. Also you wouldn’t be disappointed style-wise either having in mind these blinds and curtains are designed to add to the sophistication of your abode as well.

Give your home the smart automised window treatments and reap the benefits!

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