Make Your Coffee Sweet And Healthy

For most of the people, a cup of fresh coffee is a standard part of their morning wake-up routine. But, coffee can lead to a weight gain, depending on how often you drink it as well as how you drink it. That is because coffee adds such as sugar, cream and other, can supply saturated fat and great amount of empty calories. Most of the health benefits that come from the coffee are associated with moderate intake one or two cups per day. Drinking more than this may not have the same effects, and may actually cause some harm. In order to get the best benefits from the coffee, stick to this few simple tips that will make your coffee sweeter and healthier.


No coffee after 2PM – Caffeine is known as a stimulant, which is why we enjoy the taste of the coffee so much. This ingredient gives us energy and helps us to stay awake when we feel down. But, if you drink coffee late in the day, it can interfere with your sleep, and you probably know how poor sleep can effect to your overall health. For that reasons, avoid drinking coffee late in the day.

Don’t add sugar – It is very easy to turn coffee into unhealthy drink, beside all of its healthy benefits. The easiest way to do this is to add a bunch of sugar in your cup. Because of the high level of fructose, sugar can cause various serious healthy problems like diabetes and obesity.


Use good natural healthy sweeteners – If you can not image drinking your coffee with a sweetener, then you have another healthier option. Opt for good natural healthy sweeteners. You can find various of these sweeteners available on the market. Despite they will provide your coffee with sweet taste, they will also make it more healthier, as they have low level or zero calories. One of the most popular is Stevia. This natural sweetener it’s extracted from the leaves of plant known as Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia is very sweet, but has virtually no calories.

Choose organic – A good natural healthy sweeteners are just addition to your coffee. What is also important, is to buy organic coffee whenever possible. Just like with all other foods, the quality can vary depending on the processing method and the way the product was grown. Coffee beans tend to be heavily sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and other toxic products that were never intended for human consumption.

Use a paper filter – Brewed coffee may have harmful substances known as diterpenes, which can increase the level of cholesterol in our blood. However, getting rid of them is quite simple procedure. You just need a simple paper coffee filter. A coffee paper filter will remove all diterpenes, while still letting the beneficial antioxidants and caffeine pass through.

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