Longest Running Cartoon Shows

The longest running cartoons shows online are considered as the longest shows because they have comparatively more number of episodes. Currently there are many cartoons online that are airing new episodes regularly and many more episodes are either under production or to commence production. While counting the episodes of the cartoon shows, spin-offs and re-invented shows are not taken into account. Those who regularly watch cartoon shows will certainly agree that “The Simpsons” is the longest running cartoons online. At one stage two other cartoons shows online, “The Flintstones” and “The Scooby Doo” were considered as potential challengers for the position of the longest running cartoon shows. However, “The Flintstones” was out of the race in the year 1997 when the 167th episode of “The Simpsons” was aired.


Though “The Scooby Doo” was run under different titles like “Scooby Doo, Where are You”, “What’s New, Scooby Doo?” and “The New Scooby Doo Mysteries”, all were considered as episodes of the same cartoon show. As a result many people considered “The Scooby Doo” as the longest running Cartoon show. In the year 2006, “The Simpsons” again got its place on the headlines when it established its lead over “The Scooby Doo’’ as the longest running cartoon show. Having aired much more than 500 episodes, “The Simpsons” is now the longest running cartoon series. But, this is only for the TV shows in US. The Japanese cartoon show “Sazae-san” which was started in 1969 completed 2250 episodes in the year 2013 and was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running animated series in the world. After completing 552 episodes at the end of its 25th season “The Simpsons” was renewed for another year.

The Fox Broadcasting Company produced “The Simpsons” which was created by Matt Groening. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lissa and Maggie are members of the Simpson Family and this cartoon show depicts the lifestyle of the working class. The fictional town Springfield is the background of the show. This cartoon show had its debut by the end of the year 1989. After completing about 592 episodes “The Simpsons” is in its 27th season. Till 2009, “Gunsmoke” was considered as the longest running cartoon show in the history of US. But, Gunsmoke was surpassed by The Simpsons. The 27th season of “The Simpsons” consists of 22 episodes and will be over in 2016. It is already renewed for the 28th season with 22 episodes that are to be aired during 2016-17.

Honors and Awards

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a star was added in the name of the Simpson family in the year 2000. This cartoon show won 30 Annie Awards, 31 Emmy Awards and one Peabody Award. Time magazine recognized this cartoon show as 20th century’s best TV series. The A V Club certified that “The Simpsons” series is TV’s crowning achievement regardless of format. So many Cartoons shows online which are adult-oriented are greatly influenced by “The Simpsons”.

Both Rugrats and Beavis & Butterheads also appear in the list of the longest running cartoon shows. Except Rugrats and The Flimstones, most of the cartoon series that are mentioned in the list are still running and the production of new episodes are in progress.


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