Lelo Bob: Gentleman’s Choice

It was in your grandparents era when it was all about traditional sex and nothing more. In the modern times we live today, there is no more place for grandparents-style nights. Today, we are free to explore all options possible, and to go as further as we can, in order to discover new ways to experience ultimate fun and sexual pleasure. Sex toys have brought sexual pleasure to much higher level. Today it is not banned to think and talk about anal sex, not even if you share the same gender as your partner.

Male orgasm has been a subject of discussion for long time, especially among the sex experts who wanted to find its root. Researches have shown that the key to exceptional male orgasms lays in the prostate stimulation. It has been proven that the walnut-size gland is the actual male g-spot. But, prostate stimulation is not something which we are so familiar nor it’s easy feasible. Worry not! You don’t have to read an encyclopedia to learn how to do this. Dear Gentleman, meet Lelo Bob – your new partner and ally in experiencing unique sexual sensations.
lelo bob

Why is Lelo Bob Gentleman’s Choice?

Only the conservative gals wouldn’t admit that they need a little bit of help in the bedroom when enjoying moments of pleasure alone or with a partner. Unless you enjoy conventional and boring anal sex, the Lelo Bob vibrator is the ultimate choice for you, no matter if you are beginner or have experience in the matter. It is super-easy and completely safe for use. It is consisted of a ring that is connected with Lelo’s perfectly shaped shaft.

There is no reason to be concerned about the use of this sex toy. On the contrary it is made for pure pleasure. Lelo Bob provides you immense pleasure first by relaxing your sphincter muscles and afterwards through stimulating your g-spot where the magic happens. The toy is made of high-quality and 100% safe-for-use silicone, which is one of most important factors that contribute to great anal play.

You think that you’ve experienced the most intense orgasms possible? Sorry to disappoint you, you won’t know what an intense orgasm feels until you meet Lelo Bob. It brings fun and pleasure in every pose and situation like none of its counterparts. Given this, there is no reason for you to hesitate to spice up your sexy plays with Lelo Bob. You have nothing to loose, you can only feel a sexual sensation you’ve never experienced before.

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