LED Your Way to Illuminating Your Office

To create a work environment that is going to inspire productivity, be comfortable and represent the true character of your business you must pay close attention to one of the most important aspects of great office design- lighting. If there is one thing that can have a major influence on our mood that would definitely have to be light. That’s why most of us feel so down and depressed when the whether outside is all gloomy and grey. In the office space both natural and artificial light have a major role on the overall ambience. As a business owner you should try to find the best lighting technique the would favour all aspects of a dynamic and productive work environment. In this case it’s important to see lighting as much more than just a necessity, but rather a key feature of the office interior design. While before the only dilemma was whether to choose standard incandescent lights or halogen bulbs, the choices nowadays are more varied then ever before due to the constant advancements in lighting technology.


Many modern offices these days are opting for Led light fittings which are a lot more efficient than other types of bulbs and provide many elegant solutions in terms of lighting design. Due to their practical and advanced features, LEDs can be the ideal solution for any office space, whether that be at the entrance, the main premises of the business or your personal work station. The main reason why these advanced lights are becoming more and more popular is mainly due to their low energy consumption. While incandescent bulbs consume a lot of electricity a large amount of which is converted into heat instead of actual light, Led light fittings produce a lot brighter light by using a lot less power. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance, won’t damage easily and are long-lasting, meaning that once installed you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. All this creates great opportunities for reducing operational costs and boosting the efficiency of your business.

You can incorporate LEDs into your office in various ways, including downlighting, task lighting, batten lights, high-bays, etc. When making a choice keep in mind that different areas of the office space would require a different amount of illumination. For instance, downlights can work great in such areas as the hallway or conference room. Bringing together design and function in one unit, batten lights would serve as the ideal source of illumination in the entrance. To create a functional lighting design it’s important to strike the perfect balance between artificial and natural light. This is particularly important when choosing lights for personal work stations. After all a bit of sunshine can instantly lift up your mood. For enhancing the clarity of the work space I would recommend combining natural light with low-voltage task lights.

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