Joyce Meyer: The Best-Selling Author in the Christian World Of Fiction

As a New York Times best-seller author of books that reached the hearts of many people around the world, Joyce Meyer is among the most popular Bible teachers and authors on the topic. Her books mainly analyze the Bible, and explain how its power can help people cope with certain things that happen or don’t happen to them. Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of loving God and accepting his love as a driving force of one’s life.


Joyce Meyer had a rather hard childhood; sexual abuse, a marriage that end up badly and a fight against breast cancer ; but she didn’t give up, she gained experiences that will be the main source of inspiration for writing that will bring her world fame. Today, she is in a happy marriage for over 40 years and is the mother of 4. With a PhD in theology, an honorary doctorate in the subject of divinity, and an honorary doctorate in sacred theology and all three from different universities, Joyce’s educational background is rich, which only gives authenticity to her books.

As a highly popular Pentecostal preacher living outside St. Louis, Joyce Meyer has been in full-time ministry since 1980. As a best-selling author in the Christian world of fiction, Meyer covers topics from Christianity and explanations of the Bible to working towards better results in the fight against weight-loss and increasing one’s self-esteem. Besides her books among which, ‘ Get your hopes up’ , ‘You can begin again’ , ‘Trusting God day by day’ or ‘ The Confident woman’, Mayer is also widely known by her radio and TV program called ‘Life in the word’ broadcasted nationally and internationally.

Despite the fact that Meyer’s books are filled with real-life experiences and some great advice and explanations, some experts claim that some of her preaching is questionable, like for example, her preaching that angels exist and tell her what to say in front of people, or that some types of jewelry attracts evil energy. However, since much of her work is also very good and effective, she continues to be successful and in the center of attention in the world of Christian literature.

All in all, Joyce Meyer is an author whose books offer a lot of hope and faith. For all those that feel lost, that feel desperate, and are facing some really rough times in their lives, Meyer’s books can help them find their way back to God. It’s with God’s love that a man can achieve anything, as Meyer would say.

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