Important Factors That Will Help You Get the Right Type of DIN Rail PSU

If you are someone who wants to have his power supplies arranged in a neat and tidy way then a din rail mounted PSU is going to be perfect for you.
There is no easier way for you to organize your PSU’s, but if you want to have a minimalistic and practical arrangement you will probably need some guidance with the power supplies too. Well if you happen to be lost on that subject, don’t worry as here we are going to explain what you need to look for in din rail power supplies.


First, we need to make sure our device is properly protected in order for it to work for long periods of time without any difficulty. Things like, over temperature, short circuit, overload and over voltage will be out of your concern if you go for a fully protected DIN rail mount power supply. For a more consistent workflow, you can get a power supply that has a hiccup mode which will start working on its own after the issue is resolved. If by any means you are not fond of this feature you can always get one that will need to be reset manually in order to continue working.

Wiring & Connections

When it comes to wiring and connecting you will need to check if the cables are between the power supply and its load is in as a large cross-sectional area as possible and the connections are as short as possible too. This is to decrease the voltage between every load terminal and also reduce the loss of copper which can also bring a lot of heat to the cables. Check if the neutral and live AC input lines are separated from the positive and negative DC output lines so you have minimal noise induction into the DC wiring. Also, check if each pair of lines is twisted for that same reason.

Temperature Range

You have probably decided to go for a DIN rail mount power supply in order to save some room or simply because you are not big on space. Well, you will have to check if the power supply is going to be in its operational temperature range. This is so you don’t end up putting fans and additional coolers in an already confined space which will make it difficult for you to navigate in. You will need to check what is the minimum clearance area for this in order to avoid heat getting trapped inside.

Frequency & Dissipation

If you don’t want your PSU to get interference from other devices try and get one that will allow you to set a fixed switching frequency. This will help you greatly in noise sensitive applications. If you are going to pack the power supplies densely, make sure the devices you get have very high efficiency – something above 90 per cent is going to work fine. Also, look for supplies that have no-load consumption.

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