Importance Of Timber Pest Inspection

Are you looking to buy a new house? If so, it is important to ensure your investment is worth the money. Do a complete inspection of the house to ensure financial piece of mind. Pay special attention to timber pest as they can cause significant damage to the foundation of your asset. Timber pests mean serious problems and costly repairs. And you surely do not want that. Therefore, before you close the deal on the house, do the timber pest inspection.

Timber pest inspection should be done at least once a year. However, given the fact that moisture is the main culprit for timber pests, if you live in the rainy area, it is highly recommended to have timber pest inspection done every six months. You have to know that property changes with time. Just because you do not see any timber pests does not mean there aren’t any. According to latest statistics, over 10% of all Australian houses are affected by termite pests. Thus it is best to rely on the timber pest inspection.


The cost of termite damage is huge, thus it is best to take care of the problem in time. Timber pest inspection is a complete examination of the inside and the outside areas of the house. It requires training, skills and quality equipment not every inspector possess. For this reason it is vital to choose the best company that offers timber pest inspection service. Make sure you do your homework. Research online for reputable property inspection services and learn more about particular company. Find out how long the company has been in the business, ask for certificates, ask what equipment they use and ask for a quick explanation of how they conduct timber pest inspection.

Timber pest inspection should inform you of any timber pest activity, the severity of the problem, how to deal with timber pests and solutions to solve the problem. Even if no timber pests are found, an inspector should be able to tell you if the house is prone to timber pests and advise you on possible solutions. You need to know how to manage the problem in the best way possible. Timber pest inspection done correctly can save you a lot of money, so when selecting the inspection company, choose wisely.

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