If Partaking in Art is on Your Vacation List, Stay at These Hotels

Everyone has a different point of view on almost everything in life, and the same principle is true for art too, we all like different types of pieces of art and see different meaning in all of them. Just like there are no two identical fingerprints, there are no two identical tastes in art. However, we all share one same desire – to own and treasure a valuable piece of art in our homes. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford such luxury and sometimes, even with the right amount of money and desire, some may lack the ideas of where and how to put and combine awesome pieces of colorful art.

Luckily, you can get inspired while you’re on a thrilling journey simply by visiting one of the following world famous hotels, whose interior is a gallery of the best art collections that are to be found and admired:

Park Hyatt New Yorknew york

Once in Manhattan, the first thing on your mind might be to go for a little culture fix at a famous museum, however, if you are situated in this hotel, you won’t have to take a step further. The Park Hyatt New York is a home to 235 artworks and you’ll feel as if you are a part of a classy art event all the time. Inspiration could be found everywhere you turn. This is the right place to train your eye and achieve the right aesthetic independence that will allow you to successfully décor and enliven your own home. If that is your wish, the staff from this hotel can aid you in getting tickets to various artistic happenings, such as those taking place at Carnegie Hall.

Eresin Crown Hotel, Istanbulistambul

This hotel is a dream come true, if you have ever dreamed about spending a thrilling night at a museum, as we often see in movies. What more can a person hungry for classy, deep and colorful art ask for? Becoming fully aware of the art world and spending the night in a literal embodiment of endless inspiration seems like a good way to start shaping and reshaping the way art affects you and your understanding of how it affects its surroundings.

The Opposite House, Beijing, Chinachina

The location of this hotel, in contrast to its style, renders it a large artistic attraction, that subtly imposes its minimalism among a completely incoherent and chaotic modern jungle. The wonderfully lit art installations and various sculptures form prominent Chineses artists will be more than enough to get you to a Zen-like state of mind.

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