How To Protect Your Hair During The Summer

Summer is the perfect season for shiny, vibrant hair. But your strands may actually take a hit during the hot months. Sun and water can damage your hair, lead a faded color, a dry texture and split ends. According to hair stylist professionals, ‘a lot can go wrong with your hair during summer’.

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks that you can rely on to protect your hair during summer. With them you will be able to enjoy the warm weather without damaging your hair.

summer hats (2)

Wear womens summer hats

Available in a variety of designs, colors and shapes, womens summer hats are one of the best ways to protect your hair from the sun’s rays. Cool, colorful womens summer hats are very fashion and can make you look effortless and chic. In addition, they are a big trend this year.

You can opt for a wide-brim floppy hat, or a fedora hat (the most popular hat in the market right now), or a bucket hat. And don’t be afraid to pair then with different outfits. From casual pieces to maxi dresses, aside of providing your hair just enough sun coverage, womens summer hats can give any look a fresh spin. Keep in mind that the sun can shine through certain straw hats, so it’s still smart to wear a protective product underneath.

Get a haircut

It is always good to get a haircut before summer. If your hair its already dry, the sun will just do extra damage to it. Thus, if you remove the dead ends, your hair will be in better shape. While some hair experts usually recommend getting a haircut every six to eight weeks, others suggest holding off during the summer.

Start in the shower

If you were out in the sun and did not protected your hair, you can still give it a good nourishment. You can use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to wash it. There are many products for you to choose from, which can provide intense hydration. But make sure the products of your choice don’t contain paraben, harsh sulfates or sodium chlorine, which can weight down your strands.

Use UV-shielding products

Like the sunscreens that you apply on your skin to prevent burns, there are also numerous products specially designed to protect your hair from UV rays. These products will help prevent highlighted hair and avoid your hair looking fried.

It is important to mention that these products need to be applied to a damp hair. Otherwise, they will only sit on the surface of the hair and will not penetrate into it.

Brush carefully

Since your hair gets fragile when wet, don’t just rip a brush through it after swimming. Spray some detangler on it before, and then with a wide-tooth comb, brush it. This will help minimize breakage.

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