How to Not Pick a Handbag That Is Useless

Ladies, we would all agree that handbags are our best-loved accessories, as they not only carry all our essentials, but also give a powerful fashion statement to our entire look, right? Therefore, handbags are undoubtedly, the must-have items from the wardrobe of every modern woman who seeks for functionality and style in one.

But, the truth is, not every handbag who is functional looks nice, and not every handbag who looks nice is functional. And this is what causes the biggest trouble for women when picking a handbag. In fact, the ideal handbag is the one that fits you well, it does not kill your shoulders and marries your personality and practicality. Another truth is that today’s market is bountiful of different models and designs of ladies handbags, so the greatest concern among women still remains: ‘How to NOT pick a handbag that is useless?’handbags for sale

  • Determine the style and purpose
    When and how you will use your future handbag‘? – start your quest guided by the answer of this question. For example, if you are looking for a casual, everyday bag for a walk down the city streets, you can go for a lightweight, cross-body ladies handbag. If you are planning to use your next handbag for ‘going-to-work’ purposes, find a classic shoulder handbag that will be ‘roomy’ enough to fit your essential paperwork and your tablet.
  • Signs of handbags you should not buy
    One of the best way to ensure the right handbag selection is to learn the most important signs of handbags you definitely do not need in your wardrobe. Here there are:
    Too many compartments: This ‘feature’ is usually accompanied with useless pockets that all together may look as the perfect formula for organization, which is actually quite the opposite.
    Too heavy: If the bag seems to be unreasonably heavy, you should not go for it. You do not need a bag that will hurt your shoulders and cause you back pain. The reasonable (ideal) handbag should weigh less than a kilogram, although the average weight of handbags that most of women carry is 2.3 kg, which is a big no-no.
    Non-adjustable straps: Straps that are pencil-thin, too long, too short or just do not fit your body, are non-flexible and non-ergonomic. If a handbag features poor straps, do not purchase it, no matter how beautiful and stylish it may look.

When buying a handbag, look for a ladies handbags sale. A ladies handbag sale is a great opportunity to find amazing handbags that are practical, stylish and budget-friendly. Good luck!

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