How To Determine The Ceiling Light Size For A Room

Want to add few changes in your home décor and you want to do it like a pro? If you make a basic research about home décor you will become aware how important lighting is to the overall design scheme. There is much more about to lighting than just selecting some stylish fixtures and lamps. Size, placement, light colour and wattage also have a huge influence on the appearance of the room, the atmosphere and the other furnishing. Ceiling lights are commonly used for general lighting and ambient in the room.

Choosing a ceiling light for your home can be a little bit challenging, especially if you are looking online or from the catalogue. If you know what type of finish you like and what style would be most suitable for your room, you can easily select the right ceiling light. But, what may confuse you is the size. Choosing the right size of your new ceiling lights is important and it’s a first step in creating a harmonious lighting scheme in your room.

To determine the size of the ceiling light, you should measure the width and length of the room and then add those two numbers together. If you are installing chandler over your dining room table, you must measure the width of the table too. The size is important because it determines the amount of illumination you will get. For example, a three-light chandelier is almost always smaller than a five-arm chandelier.


Another important consideration when it comes to picking out the right size of the ceiling lights is the diameter. The larger the diameter, the wider the fitting, so the bulbs will throw light much further into your room. In general, if your room is larger, then your need a ceiling light with larger fitting as they hold more lamps than those with smaller diameter. Sometimes can be really hard to visualize the size of a fitting by just reading the measurements. Because of this we will provide you with one very easy and useful method that will help you to get the right proportion before make your purchase.

If you can not imagine how it will look in your room, find an old box and cut out the diameter of the light. This will give you a clear picture about the size of the ceiling light you like and the impact it will have on your room. This method can also be used with height if you want to determinate how down it will come the fitting. If the fitting comes with the chain you can measure it in the same way. As the length of the chain vary from one producer to another, it is a good idea to check the length of the chain before make your final decision.

When it comes to how much illumination you need in your room is all about personal preferences. Some enjoy in a very bright room, other love the soft ambient light. Regardless of this, hope we helped you when it comes to choosing the right size of ceiling lights for your home.

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