How to Create Beautiful Abstract Landscape Art

Imagine a beautiful abstract landscape hanging on the wall in your living room. I ques you’ve already imagined your favourite scene, representing broad green fields with trees and mystic flowers, and a small wooden cottage hidden in the small hills, and small birds flying over it. Now, let’s get back to reality: what do you think, what are the chances for you to find a modern landscape art piece, displaying the landscape scene from your imagination? Yes, it is nearly impossible to find such an artwork which best speaks of your dreams (I assume that art is the best way to express yourself). So, why not try to create your own beautiful modern landscape art piece instead to search for one on the market.

You don’t need Leonardo-da-Vinci-style painting skills to create abstract art. It is not as daunting task as it might seem to you. By using your imagination and creativity to play with your brushes and colours, you can create your unique masterpiece. If you’ve never done this before, make a research online to learn the basic techniques and principles of creating art, there are many resources from which you can learn some very important tips. In addition, I present to you three beginner’s tips to start with and dive into the magnificent world of modern abstract art.abstract landscape

  1. Play With Curvy Lines

    There is no symmetry in nature, which means the earthy elements such as hills, mountains, stones and paths are “created” in perfect shape, following strict lines and angles. This gives you the freedom to let your hand “play” with lines and curves to create your own modern landscape art sample.

  2. Earthy Colours Best Work For Modern Landscape Art

    The earthy colours such as brown, green, black and white consist the base of landscape art. However, that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to the nuances of these four basic colours. Feel free to add a special touch to your picture with some vibrant bright colours, such as blue, red, chartreuse or fuchsia. The brighter colours make a perfect option for accentuating the natural elements and “reviving” your painting.

  3. Go Classic With Black And White

    You can never go wrong with the timeless black and white combination, not even when it comes to creating unique modern landscape art. If you like minimalism in most spheres of life, including art, black and white and the in-between shades make a winning combination. These two basic colours are perfect choice for design-focused landscape images.

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