How To Clean Your House In 6 Easy Steps

Trying to clean the house with children is like trying to clean after a hurricane. It requires a real patience, lots of energy and nerves. It is extremely difficult, but with little, help from your family it is possible. The only thing you need from them is to take care of your children for a couple of hours. The rest is easy.

Follow the steps below and get the job quickly. This is how you clean your house in less than three hours.


  • Do the dishes and laundry. This is the first thing you need to do. Fill the dishwasher with dishes, washing machine with laundry and take advantage of the free time by cleaning something else in the kitchen.

  • Change the sheets in the bedroom, change the trash in your bathroom and quickly clean the toilet.

  • Clean the kitchen and after that dust the furniture. Start with dark objects because dust shows more on darker surfaces. For different surfaces use different types of products because of their material.

  • Vacuum your home. To improve the overall smell in your home, buy a perfumed vacuum powder.

  • To kill odors on upholstery and carpets, spray lightly with a solution of 1:5 white vinegar and water.

  • The last thing to do is to clean your basement and backyard.

Once you are done, take out all the trash in front of your home and find a trustworthy skip company. Using the services of a skip company will save you both time and money. To find a reliable skip company you need to ask around and do deep online research. Only on that way you can be sure that you will dispose of your trash properly. Once you do that, decide for the one that is near you, contact it and inform it about the type of trash you want to dispose (recyclable or non-recyclable) and its quantity, so they can send the right size of skip bin.

After you are done with everything, pour a glass of wine and enjoy your clean home before your kids come back and make a mess again.

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