How to Choose Products that Help Detoxify and Purify the Skin

Despite our best efforts to recycle and lead a green lifestyle, it’s impossible to escape pollution. Besides being bad for our general health, pollution is also detrimental for our skin. The pollution and dirt in the air can turn an otherwise glowing and healthy complexion into a congested and problematic one. What’s more, recent studies have shown that pollution can contribute to wrinkles and pigmentation spots as much as UV rays do. Knowing all of this, I’ll completely understand if you don’t want to leave your house ever again.

Luckily, I have some good news for you. There are some skin care companies who fight pollution. Both by being eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as by coming up with formulas that help dig out the toxins from our pores. Today, you can find added detoxifying and anti-pollution ingredients in everything ranging from oils to moisturisers, face masques, scrubs, and more. So, aside from washing your face every night and taking off your make up as soon as you can, detoxifying skin products are the best defence when it comes to skin pollution.

However, not all products advertised as detoxifying are equal. If you want to see results, I suggest taking a good look at the ingredients list. Look for things like or leafy greens, antioxidants, soft clay, algae and other marine plants. I personally, prefer the Sukin super greens range which blends botanicals like kale and parsley with superfood algae Spirulina and Chlorella, and the amazing antioxidants Acai and Goji. However, what you choose should be all up to you to decide.

Green plants such as kale and parsley are effective in that they draw out the impurities residing deep within the skin. When applied, they act as a magnet, which helps control oil, purify skin and reduce the size of pores. However, detoxifying the skin doesn’t only mean purifying clogged pores. Antioxidants such as vitamin C helps eliminate free radicals found on the skin. Free radicals are the direct result of environmental pollution and are known to cause wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. So, by using a product containing antioxidants such as the Sukin super greens collection, the skin is detoxified in a more effective way.

However, once the impurities and free radicals are drawn out of the skin, the skin can easily become dry which is just as bad for its health and appearance. So, by using products that contain algae or other moisturizing ingredients, you help balance your skin’s moisture levels which helps preserve its youthful look and glow.

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