How to Choose a Hypnotherapist

If you are looking for a local hypnotherapy clinic chances are you will find lots of them on the internet or in the phone book. So how to know which one is the most reliable one?


Some Melbourne hypnotherapy clinics have in their portfolio hypnotherapists that are specialised in particular fields such as anxiety, depression, stopping smoking, losing weight to name a few. Working with a specialist in a certain field can be advantageous as the person has a great experience in that area. However, in other circumstances where there is more than one issue, it can be an advantage to have a hypnotherapist with experience in different areas.

There is also the fact that although a person can be hypnotised, that doesn’t mean he/she will always be hypnotized by every hypnotherapist every time. Technique, trust and environment play a great whole in hypnotherapy. If you’ve been to a hypnotherapist before and it didn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean that hypnotherapy is ineffective. There are a variety of reasons to explain the fail of an experience for example, you might not have felt comfortable with the professional you choose; your hypnotherapist might not have understood you or the techniques he/she used on you weren’t the most appropriate for your needs.

Finding a hypnotherapist that is appropriate for you

When looking for a Melbourne hypnotherapy clinic, it is important to consider the experience that a hypnotherapist has – it is as important as his/her qualifications. Prior to treatment, take the time to talk with any potential hypnotherapist concerning your expectations and the goals you’d like to achieve. If during your first visit you don’t feel comfortable talking with him/her, look for another professional. Feeling comfortable to talk about your issues to the hypnotherapist is the key for the treatment to succeed.


Checking the credentials of the hypnotherapist

A reliable hypnotherapist must be registered with a reputable professional hypnotherapy association. While different reputable associations may have different qualification and different entry criteria requirements for their registered hypnotherapists, they all adhere to the minimum requirements set by the HCA (Hypnosis Council of Australia). So it is extremely important to check the association’s criteria when selecting a hypnotherapist. To make sure the hypnotherapist you’ve chosen is accredited or qualified, check here.

What questions you should you ask your hypnotherapist before the treatment?

Once you find a potential hypnotherapist, you should ask him/her the following questions:

  • Do you have any prior experience in dealing with this type of issue before?
  • What was the success rate you had in treating this type of issue?
  • How many session will be necessary and what can I expect from each of them?

In addition to the above, you should approach your hypnotherapist with both an open mind and great intention to change whatever issue that that negatively impact your life.

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