How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Fashion and accessories! Welcome to my happy world. If you are a fashion lover and love spending your money where you can see them – in your closet, you will enjoy reading this. It is no lie that style is a way to express yourself without having to speak. Knowing how to combine and style an outfit is an art, so be creative while choosing your outfit for the day because after all, life is too short to wear dull clothes.

Womens fashion accessories are the shiniest jewel of a woman’s crown. Never, ever undermine investing in unique, quality accessories as they can instantly enhance the look of your outfit.

An all black combination? No problem at all. An interesting bold necklace and a quality handbag will leave a fashionable statement. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but spice it up with details to attract attention and get the best of the outfit.

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A lightweight scarf is the perfect accessory on those annoying in-between weather days when the weather changes suddenly and you are not sure how to dress. Wear a light dress and scarf-it-up to feel more cozy and warm when you need to.


Don’t you just love how good it feels holding a nice, quality bag in your hand while walking with confidence? Bags are one of the most sacred womens fashion accessories. They help carry your daily essentials in a stylish way. Don’t you just feel like you are naked everytime you leave your home without a purse in your hand? I do, and I hate the feeling. This only reveals how much significance handbagas have acquired in women life throughout the years.


Whether it is classic, casual or alluring, a great summer hat can instantly improve your look. Hats are the ultimate anti-aging womens fashion accessories which protect your face, neck and head from the sun. From urban cowgirl hats to wide brims, there is a hat for every outfit and occasion.

Let’s take a look at some unwritten rules when it comes to accessorizing:

  • Large earrings – they are an easy way to dress up a casual outfit. Wear a simple elegant dress and complete the look with large, bold earrings which will draw attention to your face and add a sparkle.
  • The more basic the outfit, the bolder the accessories – It is all about balance. Make sure to not over accessorize the outfit as you may leave an impression that you’ve tried too hard.
  • Don’t wear too much accessories – As Coco Chanel once said: “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on before leaving the house. Simplicity is the key of true elegance”. Avoid wearing too much accessories so that you do not end up looking like a kid playing dress up in her mom’s closet. So, if you have a statement earrings on, do not add a statement ring, bangles and a scarf. Balance.
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