Here’s What You Need to Set Up an Organised Art and Craft Space for Your Kids

Looking for ways to nurture your children’s creative skills? Offer them art supplies and see how many different forms they can express themselves. But when it comes to art, it means more than the usual sketch in the book. It consists of paintings and models made with different kids painting supplies available for creative work. Below, I’ve put together a list of must-have art supplies that your children would love to work with.

Painting Essentials

Painting Essentials

Painting is one of the main activities in art, so ensure your kids have painting supplies at hand.

  • Watercolours are simple to use and perfect for young children to learn how to paint. Plus, you can wash them quite easily from your children’s clothes and wipe them off the table.
  • Acrylic paints are more advanced paintings better suited for more experienced children who take their paintings quite seriously. These kid paints come in small tubes or large tubs made for large volume consumption.
  • Tempera paint is non-toxic and bright but its shelf life is relatively smaller so save it only for special projects.
  • Face paint is ideal for those special days such as birthdays and competitions where you need paint that is skin-friendly. Face paint is available in all colours.
  • Paint palettes are essential for mixing and experimenting with colour combinations. They are meant for older children with more experience in painting.
  • Canvas panels are a must for creating a masterpiece. Your children will need these as they transition from colouring books.
  • High-quality brushes are essential to learning the fine motor skills need for painting. The brushes should come in a variety of sizes and types.
  • Painting aprons to keep your children’s clothes tidy so there’s less mess for you to scrub.

Instead of buying kids painting supplies separately, you can get a painting set that comes with everything your children need to explore their creativity and enjoy hours of artmaking fun. Good painting sets will include not only a variety of quality nontoxic paints but also paint brushes, palettes, canvas boards and an apron. Some sets even come with preprinted canvas with engaging themes to inspire inexperienced artists to jump right in and paint.

kids painting supplies

Drawing Essentials

Here is what your children will need to have in their drawing kit.

  • A set of markers so your children can draw outlines and figures on their drawing books. Classic markers are also great for colouring books.
  • Fine line markers for general-purpose drawing and thinner line drawing.
  • Crayon collections because no drawing kid is complete with one. Look for sets including varying shades of every colour to keep your children engaged for hours.
  • Colour pencils to give a better definition to your children’s drawings. They are great for colouring within borders and give a crisp glossy finish.
  • Gel pens for the depth of colour. Available in all shades, gel pens are essential for the advanced artist.

Additional Art Supplies

Additional Art Supplies

Art Paper

For an inexpensive paper source turn to the recycle bin. The clean backsides of printer paper, cardboard, wrapping paper, etc, all make for a great art surface for all ages. Other papers to consider include:

  • Kraft paper – in addition to being relatively cheap, kraft paper can be cut to size from the roll. For stability, attach the paper to a drawing board.
  • Canvas, paper, rolls or boards – canvas are best for acrylic paint but charcoal and soft pencil also works.


As long as you keep the mess in one place, glue doesn’t need to be a scary thing. Some types of glue to consider are:

  • Glitter glue – a little less messy way to work with glitter.
  • Sticky glue – one of the best glue for crafting.
  • Elmer’s glue – a not so sticky glue that also gets the job done. It comes in different colours, but you can make your own colourful glue by adding food colouring.
  • Glue dots – young children tend to find them too frustrating.


This is another essential art supply. Both transparent tape and masking tape are good options for hours of fun. Some kinds of tape to consider include:

  • Artist tape – it comes in different colours, is repositionable and usually acid-free. In other words, it is fun for crafting.
  • Duck Tape – Duck is a brand of duct tape that is available in different colours and can be used in crafting.
  • Fabric or Craft tape – available in different patterns this type of tape is often used in scrapbooking.


A child-safe pair of scissors is a useful art tool to include in your children art supply list. Blunt-tipped scissors work well but scrapbooking scissors that cut a fancy design can turn a plain piece of paper into an art piece. Look for a set of paper crafting scissors with kid-friendly designs.
Clay or Play Dough
Sculpturing is often overlooked as a basic art activity that all children should enjoy, moving art from 2D to 3D. If the thought of the kids sticking mud all over the kitchen terrifies you, opt for the play dough. For a more affordable option, consider making homemade playdough.

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