Here’s What Poppers Really Are

If you haven’t hear about popper you are either too young or too old to know it. Poppers is the slang term used by people for the chemical compound named Alkyl Nitrate (or in some cases isopropyl nitrates). The origin of this drug was most popular back in the 1970s during the Disco era, where it was used to enhance the sexual encounter especially with homosexuals.


How are Poppers sold?

Well the usual way of selling poppers online. They can be still found in some shops, however, depending of the country of residence, you can only order poppers online and not buy them from a physical store. Poppers are sold in a liquid form in small bottle that produces a vapour which later is inhaled.

What Are the Effects of Poppers?

With Poppers you blood vessels will open up thus increasing the blood flow and reducing the blood pressure and increasing the heart rate of the user. The only side effect you can get is a head rush, but that is part of the experience.

Who uses Poppers mostly?

Well, Poppers are used for parties and sex. When parting and listening to good music you will experience the sounds and the lights effects on a different levels. When it comes to sexual experiences, this drug is the bomb. It will relax the muscle near the anus and will create erection that will be very sensitive for both heterosexuals and homosexuals!

Are poppers legal?

Well, yes they are. Even though they were not legal till the 80s, now you can buy them only as inhaler liquid. They are rarely sold in stores, but you can buy poppers online without any problem. There are many Australian sites that offer various types of poppers!

There are different types? What is the main difference?

Like, it was mentioned before, poppers come in different styles. In reallity, they are all the same, but just like there are different types of alcohol, there are different types of poppers. They do the things differently but very similarly.


So, if you are looking for better sexual experience, want to party hard and really have a good time then you should buy poppers. They are safe, even if they have some side effect, but like I said it is part of the experience. If you haven’t tried poppers before, at first take only a small snip of the aroma and see how it feels. As time goes by, you will like and even love it.

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