Hair Loss Solutions For Women

If you are loosing at least hundred of your scalp hairs per day, you should not be worried about this. Usually, the hair you lose will be replaced with new one, which grows from the same hair follicle, placed below the surface of your scalp. Fortunately, there are some very great solutions for hair loss in women. Preventing hair loss is possible. Make sure you are consuming enough fruits and vegetable, avoid chemicals that might damage the hair and implement some vitamins to your daily intake as well. Also, there are many good hair loss treatments that can control this condition and provide you with perfect solution for your hair loss problem. Here are few of them.

Minoxidil – It is probably one of the commonly used medications for treating a hair loss in both, men and women. At first, this solution was used to treat patients with high blood pressure. But, when it was noticed that people being treated with minoxidil started to experience hair growth as a side effect, this medicine was find useful for those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss. Widely available under the name Rogaine, minoxidil seems to be more effective for hair loss in women than in men.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions – Hair extensions are considered as very good hair loss treatment which can perfectly camouflage a hair loss issues in women. These styling pieces can be made of synthetic or human hair and are very useful not matter you are dealing with permanent or temporary hair loss. Clip-in hair extension have small combs and are very easy to apply to your existing hair which also makes it easy to remove. Also, your hair stylist can provide you with more permanent extensions using bonding, braiding or weaving with glue. These hair loss treatment cost more than clip-ins but will last for about six months. Hair extensions are made to give you extra coverage of hair, exactly where you want it. They come in various styles, shapes and colors so there will be definitely some suitable choice for you. If made from human hair, hair extensions will be very easy to care, maintain and style it, just like your own natural hair.


Wigs – When it comes of finding the right hair loss treatment, wigs are certainly one of many other solutions you can find available. Compared to other treatments like transplant surgery, wigs are quite inexpensive solution. Same as with hair extensions, these hair pieces also comes in different colors, styles and sizes in order to suit any customer needs. There are a few basic types of wigs you can choose from: lace wigs, machine made, integration ones and the best of all high definition wigs. What separates this wigs from others is their quality and their high level of customized intricate detail that goes right into the construction, providing the user with more realistic and natural look and feel.

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