Hair Loss in Women: 10 Common Causes

Do you find yourself as part of the group called “ hair loss victims”? Finding hairy balls all over your place, on the pillows, combs that you are using daily, on the floors and in the bath tub is a scary scenery, isn’t it? Hair loss has grown rapidly in the last decade or so. Not only men, but also women have become victims of that modern disease. It is a normal reaction for women that are affected by this condition to feel depressed, disappointed, unwanted and closed up. But in order to find the best hair loss treatment for women, we must first identify what causes the hair to fall rapidly.


Here are the 10 common causes for hair loss that apply for both, men and women.

  • Stress as number one factor. Facing stressful situations daily can cause your hair to fall faster than you can imagine. Like physical, emotional stress is very dangerous too, due to the fact that is can disrupt your hair cycle leading to extreme hair loss. So to reduce occurrence of hair thinning or loss, avoid stressful events and situations as much as you can, or face them with totally new and different perspective.
  • Thyroid problems can also result in hair loss, each condition (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) causes a hormonal imbalance, due to the fact that the main role of the hormones is to regulate every function in the body, including hair growth.
  • Pregnancy is the best period of life for every woman, but it is also a period of major hormonal transformation. Pregnancy can lead to temporary or in rare cases, permanent hair loss, because in general it takes time for the hormonal levels to get back to normal and the rest of your body to recovers.
  • Use of hair styling tools can be a treat of hair loss, too. Using blow dryers, curler or straightener can have harmful effects on our hair. That is why it is recommended to use them wisely and only when needed.
  • Everyone wants to have an attractive hair style, and in order to keep it that way, people use styling products, from gels to different hair sprays. They also contain strong chemical formula that can be one of the factors of hair loss. Use them from time to time.
  • Cleaning hair products have very attractive packaging but in general not all of them are good and show the best results that are listed on their package labels. Strong shampoos, hair conditioners and others, contain many chemicals that can harm your hair and damage the head scalp.
  • Food consumption can be a significant factor, too. Nourishing your body with vitamins, minerals, proteins can lead to thick and healthy hair. On the other hand, consuming junk and fast food like pizza, hamburgers, snacks, that don’t contain nutrients for normal body growth and development, can lead you to faster hair thinning and loss. Avoid them in your daily menu!
  • Peaceful and long sleep from 6 to 8 hours a day is something that can slow down the hair loss.
  • Hair loss is a side effect due to a number of medications taken for health problems an individual is facing. Too much vitamin A, oral contraceptives, anti-depression drugs, post chemotherapy sessions drugs and many more, can play significant role in hair thinning and loss.
  • Low amounts of proteins in your body is also something you should pay attention to. For healthy and shiny hair growth, take food that contains high levels of proteins, if not then supplements (purchased from a reputable online retailer) can work just fine.
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